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What Will Cal's New Uniforms Look Like?

All Silver Spandex, All The Time!

Ezra Shaw

We've reached Zero Hour! The hype is at its zenith, will Cal be able to deliver? April 10th, noontime, that is when the press conference begins. Cal has done an admirable job at building interest and hype in this reveal, but fans are notoriously picky when it comes to jerseys. Things can get heated and fast.

Mere differences in shades can cause your average keyboard commando to reach for that always trusty Caps Lock button. Oh, Caps Lock, is there anything you can't make better???? So, yes, it's gonna be good!

Enough of my ramblings, let's talk about the info. You can watch the press conference here General information is here, including four video sneak previews:

If you are working too hard at pretending to work too hard to be able to watch the video, you can follow the action on Twitter.

Cal AthleticsTwitter will probably have something. Cal Football or CalFootballBlog will probably also have stuff. If you want the outsider perspective, Nam Le will be on the scene. Plus, we'll be retweeting stuff, so follow us!

Here is more info:

What: News Conference to Showcase New Uniforms and Visual Identity

Where: Memorial Stadium Field Club

When: 12 noon to 1 p.m.

Field Club Access – The Field Club is located on the first level of the west side of Memorial Stadium. Media access will be through the Simpson Center third-floor lobby behind the International House. This is the same entrance used for media will call during Cal football games in the fall (

Parking – The recommended parking areas around Memorial Stadium are:

Witter Lot – hourly guest parking is available in the Witter Lot above (east) of Memorial Stadium off Centennial Drive (

Underhill Garage – hourly guest parking is available in the Underhill Garage located at the corner of College Avenue and Channing Way (entrance off Channing). This is the same lot used for media parking on football gamedays and is about four blocks from the stadium (

Street Parking – street parking in the area may be available, but note that spots are limited to two hours.

And comment on all the action here! Tell us your thoughts. AND PREPARE THE CAPS LOCKS! GO BEARS!