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BREAKING: Cal Women's Basketball to Replay South Florida

Really. REALLY?


SPOKANE - The California Golden Bears women's team has experienced a dream season. Now they must learn how to deal with a nightmare scenario.

Due to a scoring error in regulation against South Florida that caused a Brittany Boyd two-pointer to be registered as a three-pointer, the Bears technically should have lost in regulation because of a furious rally in the final minute that saw South Florida turn a double digit lead into a tie. However, since no one (no officials, no scoring operators, no coaches) noticed the glitch, the game went into overtime and the Bears eventually advanced to the Sweet 16.

So the NCAA is making the two teams replay the final minutes of the game to insure a fair and equitable result.

The South Florida team is being flown into Spokane as we speak and will replay the final several minutes of the Round of 32 action. If Cal is to triumph (as would be expected, as they were up double digits for much of the game and only fell behind due to colossal free throw error), they would be given the night to rest before playing an afternoon contest against Georgia the next day.

"This is an unprecedented and colossal oversight." stated NCAA vice president of women's basketball championships Anucha Browne. "We apologize to the Cal and South Florida women's squads for any inconvenience this may have caused but we are hoping this solution is amiable to all parties."

As Cal has already beaten LSU in their Sweet 16 matchup, they would already advance to their Elite 8 game; the NCAA logistical nightmare really begins if South Florida wins and forces the LSU team to fly back to Spokane 48 hours after they thought they'd been eliminated. But we don't care too much about that scenario. Let's just get this over with. GO BEARS!

[And April Fools. In case some of you are passing out right now.]