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Cal Football Spring Practice No. 4 Report: Nothing Is Certain

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Does anyone know what's going on anymore at Cal football spring practice? The starting quarterback remains a mystery, and plenty of other personnel decisions have yet to be made.

Avinash Kunnath

JahvidKnowsBest breaks down quarterbacks and running backs: JKB was here for the early parts of practice. Here are some of his observations.

Allan Bridgford: His motion doesn't look fluid at all. It's very tentative and uncertain. He ended up with the first overall reps.

Bridgford had an incomplete forced pass and a sack on the next play. Nice check down to the running back on the next play-good ball. But overall he's struggling out there.

Kyle Boehm didn't get too many reps.

Austin Hinder looks very sharp, decisive and accurate. I really like Hinder cause of his height, as he stands at around 6'4 and should have good vision downfield. He looks more confident and appears to have a quicker release. He had a few nice passes during his early reps.

On his throws in non-scrimmage play, Zach Kline looked like he was throwing with a lot of confidence and snap on his throws. Nothing new.

In terms of strongest arms, it's probably between Jared Goff and Kline. Goff has showed off a very nice deep ball on several occasions.

Tempo is fast. Coaches are constantly giving out directions. Time in between plays is give or take 15-20 seconds with coach instruction.

Daniel Lasco (non-contact drills) displayed very nice hands and appears to be working very hard, Coach Ingram keeps chatting with him, that's usually indicative that he wants a lot out of him, especially since he's not doing contact drills.

Mitchel Bartolo appeared to be getting the bulk of the reps throughout the early parts of practice (early scrimmage and some run plays) along with Darren Ervin.

Richard Rodgers practiced (non-contact). He showed good hands but looks a little out of shape. Recovering from injury though so that's somewhat expected.

Diamond formation looks nice. Quarterback does a reverse pivot before the handoff-standard pistol.

Working on punt team stuff early on. That's great to see given our special teams problems in the last few years. Looks like this is a real point of emphasis this year.

Khairi Fortt looks great at the strong side linebacker spot. That includes a nice lick on Ervin.

Lucas Gingold needs to be highlighted for his great hard running style. He might end up being the sleeper back of the bunch. They're given him a solid amount of reps and he's definitely making the most of them. Not the fastest but definitely is running the hardest.

On the south side of the field, there was a period where they were practicing a lot of inside runs, almost all inside zone plays. It was very aggressive, and a fight broke out.

Regarding specifics from that particular part of the scrimmage, there was a fumble from Bartolo. Ball security might be an issue with him. Gingold still standing out more than anyone else even in the inside run period.

In terms of overall activity, the pile is getting driven back at the point of contact, really fun to watch. The defense is definitely having their way with the offense today.

The other backs look to be struggling a bit today. Ervin and Gingold look like the top guys. Ervin looks really comfortable in the zone read. Waits for the hole to open up and then hits it hard. He's almost certainly the third guy in the rotation behind Bigelow and Lasco.


This is from last Friday, but we just uploaded this interview: Lindsay Brauner catches up with Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh.

Nam's tweets

As usual, he tweets up a storm. Here are some of his biggest marks.

Comment of the day: Bearly Legal provided his thoughts.

1. It has to be frustrating for Bridgford. He got some reps in the beginning of practice, but he was a complete afterthought after that. He kept trying to sneak in behind the O-line, but would get called off by the coaches, who would yell for one of the other QBs to step in. Bridgford hasn’t seen much action since the first practice, and it looks like his Senior season will be spent firmly planted in the sidelines, as a third or fourth (fifth?) quarterback.

2. Is Goff really in the running to be the starting QB? He got the most reps in the 11 vs. 11s, and combined with the last practice, he has gotten the longest look out of any of the QBs recently. Coaches must be seriously considering him as a viable option, because there’s no reason to waste so many reps on a player that they plan to redshirt. I say that he has as good a chance as anybody as this point. If he is the starting QB, I suppose some of the others will transfer out, perhaps including Kline.

3. Pretty safe to say that the starting QB will be one of Kline (who did not have a good day), Hinder (who saw a lot of action and looked ok, not great) and Goff. Boehm does some good things, but he is wildly inconsistent. Bridgford is consistently Bridgford, which is not a good thing.

4. The defense won the day again. Not many big plays downfield, and just a couple of nice plays on the ground for the offense. D was fired up.

5. The best matchup to watch is Kam Jackson vs. Bryce Treggs. Kam looks outstanding out there, picking passes off and breaking plays up. The only WR that is really testing him is Treggs, who clearly is the best of the healthy bunch of wideouts. Kam broke up some passes against Treggs, but Treggs also beat him deep and drew a pass interference penalty on Kam. Good stuff.

Photo essay. Being cold and tired, I decided to just turn Twist and take photos. The result is this collage. Enjoy.

Press conferences and other links

Sonny Dykes!

Cal Football: Sonny Dykes Post Practice (3/4/13) (via calathletics)

Nam talks the depth chart in Bear Insider.

These on nominal first team defense: Avery Sebastian, Michael Lowe, Kam Jackson, Stefan McClure, Nick Forbes, Jalen Jefferson, Khairi Fortt, Mustafa Jalil, Deandre Coleman, Kyle Kragen and Todd Barr. Kragen and Barr traded spots several times in practice, getting work at both defensive end positions.

DeAndre Coleman interview!

Cal Football: Deandre Coleman - DL Post Practice (3/4/13) (via calathletics)

Grant Marek of Rivals puts his report behind the paywall ($).

The second week of Spring practice for the Bears saw an NFL head coach on the sideline, a new face at center, and a few words from Deandre Coleman on why he decided not to declare for the NFL draft...

More from Nick Forbes.

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More paywall from Ryan Gorcey at Scout ($).

With the change to the 4-3 defense, several former inside linebackers have found new life on the outside, as Andy Buh continues to tinker with his men in the middle.

Finally, Kameron Jackson!

Cal Football: Kameron Jackson - DB Post Practice (3/4/13) (via calathletics)

Another paid article from Dan Greenspan, who has a little on Stefan McClure and his recovery ($)

After missing last season because of two major knee surgeries, California cornerback Stefan McClure looks to balance reps and rest during spring.