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Cal Football Post-Spring Practice: Most Encouraging Signs

Based on all the various reports from spring camp, what would you say encourages you the most about the new-look Bears so far?

Cal Bears Online

Unclesam22: As a result of all the injuries and the shifting around and new schemes etc, it's hard to get a read on what areas of the team will struggle and where we will stand out, but I absolutely love the amount of energy, excitement, and just plain fun that the team seems to be having this spring. The last few Tedford years had some bright spots, but mostly felt gloomy as things lurched towards the end. Things seem so much more upbeat and fun this spring and I can't help but think that has got to be a good thing for the teams performance.

Ohio Bear: After watching the spring game, I was most encouraged by the defense. Andy Buh talked afterward about how the defense was very basic, "vanilla," throughout camp until the last couple of days. Coach Buh just wanted to give the defensive players a good foundation learning the system. As a unit, I thought they looked good in the spring game, and that was without Nick Forbes, whom I expect to be a force as an inside linebacker. I thought we displayed an ability to get pressure on the QB (though that may have had something to do with Cal's O-line as well) and looked decent in the secondary. McClure looks to be all the way back from his injury and Avery Sebastian is going to be a guy to bring the lumber at the safety position. I think this can be a really good defense.

Berkelium97: Like Ohio Bear, I was also encouraged by the defense. The first team did not yield any points during the spring game and stopped the offense with impressive regularity. The front seven was particularly fierce as they repeatedly broke into the backfield (kudos to Klindergoff for often avoiding the pressure). While the offense is bound to go through some growing pains this fall, I am feeling slightly better because we should have a solid defense as a counterbalance.

Kodiak: I'll go with a little different view. I was most encouraged by the entire team doing up and downs because someone missed a class.

That's the type of accountability that we're going to need both on and off the field. That's the type of leadership and coaching which makes me proud to be a Cal fan.

blueandgold15: We have an offense that aims to put - and utilize - our best playmakers in space, which didn't always happen last year. People are eagerly waiting for Bigelow to return and make his debut in the Bear Raid. I dare say they won't be disappointed.

LeonPowe: I think one encouraging thing is a lack of really bad injuries or seriously bad news. I think in the first year of a new coach, its going to be a lot of neutral news - can't really tell too much from Spring Ball when installing completely new packages. I am encouraged by the seeming emergence of a new playmaker at wideout (Lawler) but remember last year when Mike Manuel was dominating in Spring? Didn't really translate to the season. Fall will be a lot more illustrative in the direction this team is going. I think next year's spring will also be more indicative of how the following year will be after everyone gets 1 season of Bear Raid and Buh-D under their collective belts.

Berkelium97: Buh-D...I like that. It has a nice ring to it when said aloud (especially if said quickly).

LeonPowe: Can I get credit for coining it?

atomsareenough: Pirate's Buh-D? Buh-D-licious?