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Cal Basketball: Allen Crabbe And The NBA A Match Made In Heaven?

What do you think the future holds for the Pac-12 Player Of The Year?


TwistNHook: Do you think Allen Crabbe will go pro? Should he go pro?

Blueandgold15: Yes. Should he? I think so. Crabbe has an obvious flaw, of course - for all his scoring prowess, he still gets too passive at times. Today was only the latest example of that. So why, then, do I think he should go? I guess I'm skeptical that his stock will ever get any higher than it is now, and I'm not entirely sure that another year in Berkeley will help fix that. There's certainly a lot more to be lost - in terms of buzz, hype, and possible injury - than to be gained by staying.

LEastCoastBears: I think Crabbe will definitely explore the option of turning pro, but I'm not sure NBA teams see him as a lock in the late first round. If he cannot get a guarantee to be drafted in the first round (where the contract is guaranteed), then he should return. The supposedly very weak nature of this year's class may push him into the first round. If he does come back and improve significantly, there is a strong chance that he won't be picked any higher next year than this year. However, his better chance of improving while playing in college should help him long term. One also cannot rule out that he will return for his Senior season, just to be able to play more with his high school buddy Richard Solomon.

Berkelium97: I'd like him to stay and play for the Bears next season, but I would not be surprised to see him go. He's a fringe first-round candidate right now. Chad Ford of ESPN says he's the 28th-best draft prospect (7th best shooting guard). He's inconsistent and can become passive and disengaged at times, but I'm not sure another year at Cal will boost his draft stock enough to validate the possible injury risk (or having to compete with a stacked 2014 draft class).

Ohio Bear: I think he will. I don't think he should. As the Syracuse game showed, Crabbe, I believe, can work on creating his own shot a bit more.

Kodiak: Yes. It's a weak draft and if he gets a 1st round rating from enough scouts, then he should go. I don't think he's ready. But the draft is more about hype and potential than anything else. (cough Jamal Sampson cough)

VincentS: Yes. Yes. He's been an absolute joy to watch, a wonderful team player, and an admirable Golden Bear. If the NBA calls (with life-altering financial implications), I would fully support his decision to go pro. That's not to say I wouldn't be thrilled if he came back though - we'd be a scary good team next year with him.

Boomtho: Allen Crabbe will and should go pro. Unfortunately, I don't see him developing much with one more year in college, so I think he should go and get credit for his "potential." I do think he will be a solid NBA rotation player for a few years, as he provides good shooting and rebounding, along with average (at worst) defense. Things holding him back for the next level: ball-handling, post up game, and passing. He's a pure 2 guard so I'm not expecting him to handle the ball full time, but it would be great to see him attack off the dribble more. In addition, he could have compensated for his lack of ball handling by posting up more, using his length/height. Shame he didn't develop that part of his game.

LeonPowe: I think he should if he's a top 15 draft pick. Selfishly I would love it if he stayed another year - and worked on playing up to his ability and talent level. We all know AC is the man and our best player. I love that he's unselfish and shares the ball - now I think he needs to work on really being the man - sometime he needs to learn to play selfishly and take a few bad shots now and then - sometimes a bad shot from our best player is better than a good shot from our fifth best player.

atomsareenough: He probably will, though selfishly I hope he doesn't. Financially speaking though, he probably should, but he's not a finished product and could stand to develop a bit more.