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Cal Football 2013 Spring Game Recap

Let's look at what happened at the 2013 Cal Spring Game! PLUS MARSHAWN!


Cal apparently saw almost 6,000 fans come out to see the new regime in the Spring Game. It is true that there were legion open practices previous, but most were on weekdays at difficult to attend times. There were two previous open practices on the weekends, but one was at 11:15 AM on a Saturday. So, for most fans, this was their first opportunity to see the team. Plus, those were practices, this was actual football.

Sorta. Due to the myriad injuries on the team, Cal did not play a full game. The time seemed to zig and zag, as if being run in a Dr. Seuss book. Sometimes it just flowed freely, while other times it did seem to have some sort of standard regulation about it. This delightful Bear Insider writer has a great write up, which you can see here:


Each of the quarterbacks shared about the same amount of time under center, with Hinder having one less drive than the other two due to time constraints. If a reader was hoping to get some clarity into which of the Kline-Hinder-Goff trio should start, Saturday did not give it, as all three had their moments – and their struggles.

As expected, Austin Hinder had several nice scrambles and designed runs, but outside of a James Grisom tunnel screen – in which Grisom broke a tackle and did most of the work – he was only steady, if not relatively distinctive.

Zach Kline spent the afternoon showcasing his own mobility, though of a different variety, as he scurried away from oncoming rushers and made throws on the run. In fact, his first touchdown pass came while he was rolling out to his left, before lofting up a 22 yarder to Maximo Espitia. Yet, outside of a few highlights – another one came when he sandwiched a deep ball to Patrick Worstell between two defenders – he had trouble maintaining or extending his drives. A few ill-timed drops did not help him.

Jared Goff led the offense to the most points, but had problems throwing the deep ball with any consistency – most of those attempts did not land anywhere close to receivers - with a handful of them landing ten to fifteen yards over their heads.

Unofficial Drive(s) Chart by Quarterback

Goff – ended by Jeffrey Coprich fumble, D'Amato 39 yard field goal, 3 and out, touchdown to Drake Whitehurst, 3 and out, 3 and out

Kline – touchdown to Maximo Espitia, 3 and out, 3 and out, punt, 3 and out, punt

Hinder – 3 and out, touchdown to James Grisom, 3 and out, punt, 3 and out

There was a scoring system that was a bit opaque to me. The defense (which got points for stops etc etc) defeated the offense 28-24. Cal has its official write up here:

BERKELEY - The Cal defense was a 28-24 winner over the offense in the 2013 Cal Football Spring Game played before a crowd of 5,831 at Memorial Stadium on a glorious Saturday afternoon. The final outcome came down to a 44-yard field goal attempt on the game's last play that Benjamin Calder sailed wide, giving the defense its final three points in a contest that was scored using a modified scoring system that awarded points to the defense.

The defense got off to an excellent start on the game's first play from scrimmage when Isaac Lapite picked up aJeffrey Coprich fumble forced by Jalen Jefferson to give the defense the game's first four points.

The defense was awarded points for turnovers (4), missed field goals (3), sacks (2), fourth-down stops (2), three-and-outs (2) and tackles for loss (1).

Ted Agu extended the lead for the defense to 5-0 with a three-yard tackle for loss when he stopped Jonah Hodges in the backfield on the game's next play.

Zach Kline would get the offense on the board on the same drive by engineering a seven-play, 75-yard march that he capped with a 19-yard scoring strike to Maximo Espitia. The other key play on the drive was a 48-yard connection from Kline to Maurice Harris. Vincenzo D'Amato converted the point after to put the offense ahead, 7-5.

The defense cut it to 7-6 on the next drive when David Wilkerson tackled Coprich for a five-yard loss.

They also have the unofficial stats for the game:


Rushing (Att-Yds-TD): Hodges 12-59, Hinder 4-37, Coprich 13-28, Goff 3-9, Kline 5-1, Bartolo 1-1

Passing (Comp-Att-Yds-INT-TD): Kline 7-14-124-0-1, Goff 7-15-66-0-1, Hinder 5-9-87-0-1

Receiving (Rec-Yds-TD): Powe 4-47, Espitia 3-34-1, Whitehurst 3-14-1, Harris 2-56, Treggs 2-14, Grissom 1-48-1, Worstell 1-37, S. Anderson 1-12, Coprich 1-11, Bouza 1-6

Punting (No-Yds-Avg): Leininger 3-113-37.7, Mos 2-92-46.0

Field Goals (Yardage-Made/Missed): D'Amato 39-Good, Calder 44-Missed

PAT (Made-Att): D'Amato 1-1, Beito 1-1, M. Anderson 1-1

Defense (Tackles; Big Plays): Jefferson 6 (1.5 TFL, -7; 1.5 SK, -7), Nickerson 6 (1.5 TFL, -6; 0.5 SK, -1), Wilkerson (6, 1.0 TFL, -4), Morgan 6 (0.5 TFL, -1; 0.5 SK, -1), Sebastian 6, Broussard 5 (1.0 TFL, -9), Lapite 4 (fumble recovery), Agu 3 (1.0 TFL, -3), Fadelli 3, Jalil 3, Camporeale 2 (0.5 TFL, -4; 0.5 SK, -4, 1 PBU, 1 QBH), Kaufusi 2, L. King 2, Lowe 2, Barton 1, Dozier 1, McClure 1, Northnagel 1, Okwudiafor 1

Plus, CalBears has a big write up on Wide Receiver Kenny Lawler:

BERKELEY - Sometimes you're lucky enough to get a second chance.

Kenny Lawler's first season on the California football team in 2012 was a quiet one since he used his redshirt year. Now in 2013, the redshirt freshman wide receiver is making the most of a clean slate with the new coaching staff and the opening on the depth chart with the departure of Keenan Allen. He has been one of the Golden Bears' most-improved and standout players during spring ball this year.

One of the most encouraging things about the 3-9 disappointing campaign for the Golden Bears was the emergence of a young corps of impressive wide outs. True freshmen Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper and Darius Powe, along with sophomore tight end Richard Rodgers, provided some of the bright spots last season.

Unfortunately for Lawler, he couldn't show what he could bring to the table last season as he sat on the sidelines. Still, Lawler chooses to look at the positives that came from sitting out.

"It helped out a lot," Lawler said. "It lets you develop your body. Going into last year, my body probably wasn't as developed as it is now. The redshirt season is an important year."

According to his first-year position coach Rob Likens, Lawler has made the most of his opportunity during spring ball this year.

"It's tough when you come from a program where you're one of the best players and you're playing all the time, and then all of the sudden, you're getting redshirted and some tough things happen to you," Likens said. "He had a second chance, and I'm very proud of him because he took advantage of it. I've been coaching for 24 years and I've seen a bunch of kids not take advantage of second chances. His tutors, his professors and our academic people have all complimented him, saying that he's turned a corner and he's doing great. That's basically what he did this whole month on the field, too."

MARSHAWN! Everybody loves Marshawn! He was back and better than ever:

BERKELEY -- The best-looking play in Cal's spring football game Saturday was a 22-yard run around right end by a big, fast tailback who jogged into the Memorial Stadium end zone untouched.

But as it turned out, the ball carrier wasn't supposed to be touched. He was a ringer -- former Cal star Marshawn Lynch -- who entered the game on a third-down play as a surprise to the approximately 5,000 fans who showed up to get a sneak preview of the Sonny Dykes spread offense.

"We told the guys if anybody tackled him, it was going to be a $25 million fine," Dykes said of Lynch's play. "I didn't want to be getting a call from Pete (Carroll, Lynch's coach with the Seattle Seahawks)."

Lynch apparently approached Cal community relations director Kevin Parker and asked if he could do something at the spring game.

If you want to see the video of his TD and his post-TD interview, well, here you go:

Let's check out some videos from the game!

So much action! GO BEARS!