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Cal Football Spring Practice Report: No Starting QB Named Until This Fall

The only bit of news from spring practice is that there will be no real news from spring practice.

Cal Bears Online

So much for a head emerging among the Klindergoff. Sonny Dykes will let the battle between Austin Hinder, Jared Goff and Zach Kline rage on through the spring. Dykes confided with Ted Miller and said none of the signal-callers had distanced themselves from the pack.

There doesn't seem to be any hurry for the Bears to name a starter of any sort. Goff has showcased a lot of potential as a true freshman already and distributed the football really well, but his physical framework is a bit of an issue compared to all the other players on the team. Kline definitely has the most upside based off pure talent and skill level, although he still has to learn to figure out where he fits within the skillset of the offense. Hinder is probably a step behind but definitely has plenty of room to catch up, plus he probably has the most athleticism out of all three of them.

Additionally, the possibility of transfers loom. If Kline wins the job, that probably means Hinder could consider leaving. And the chaos that would ensue if Goff won the job would be pretty incredible

Do people think it's necessary we name a starting quarterback this spring? What are your thoughts? Discuss!

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