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Cal Spring Practice Updates: Interviews Galore, Spring Game Info, Wednesday Updates

Lindsay Brauner gives us another slate of interviews, Sonny Dykes talks about the spring game, and we give you the updates from Wednesday's practice.

Jason O. Watson

Plenty of material today, including interviews, info on the spring game, and, of course, updates from Wednesday's practice.


Lindsay Brauner continues to churn out fantastic interviews and we have a smorgasbord today. First is offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Below I've included some excerpts from the interviews.

How has the transition been from the South?

"I wanted to live here, so I thought I would retire here someday. So it's nice get to come to a place you've wanted to be. I love Berkeley. We live in Downtown Berkeley and love it."

I wonder where in Downtown Berkeley he and his family moved. There are some nice little neighborhoods to the west of Berkeley High. It's good to hear that the coaches are living close to campus.

Who has adjusted well to the offense?

"They all are. It's been a process and it's been fun."

"These guys have adjusted faster than any group. I think they've bought in as a group, as a whole. When they don't fight you, then it makes it a lot easier. They're smart kids and they work hard and I think they want to be good."

On the differences between Cal players and other players he has coached.

"The most unique thing is that so many were extremely high academically in high school. The fact that they have aspirations way beyond football is fun."

Next up was a pair of good friends, linebacker Jason Gibson and defensive end Todd Barr.

On being injured during spring practice:

Todd Barr: "Having to stand on the sideline is terrible."

Jason Gibson "I agree. I want to go out on the field and show my talents. We've got people in the stands now since our practice is open, so I want to show people I can do this."

On how involved they are in practice despite injury

Barr: "We basically do everything that doesn't involve hitting. We strike the sleds and stuff like that. When it comes to full-on contact, we can't do that."

Both say they plan on returning for fall camp.

As an added treat, there is some bonus material at the end of the video: Barr and Gibson beatboxed for about ten seconds. Only ten seconds

Lindsay Brauner: "That was like a lead in to nothing"

Barr: "A teaser is what it's called"

A teaser implies that something more is coming soon, so Lindsay asked what it teased.

Barr: "Mixtape that's gonna drop at the end of spring ball"

We'll see if this mixtape is finished in time for its much anticipated release this Saturday.

Next we have freshman quarterback extraordinaire Jared Goff:

On being away from home:

"I think being on your own is kinda fun. I don't have to have my parents always looking over my shoulder and stuff like that. And I think the part where I can go home on weekends and hang out with my friends is also nice. But you know, being on your own, doing things on your own is an adventure. It's fun"

On developing a panoramic vision of the field:

"Practicing. I've been doing quarterback for ten years now and it's second nature now. Just practicing and getting used to it"

On being called McLovin:

Lindsay asks if this is a one-time thing or if this is a daily nickname for him.

Jared Goff: "Daily. I'd probably say Bryce [Treggs] made it up"

Lindsay Brauner: "If people want the ball will they yell, like, 'McLovin!' ?"

Goff: "No. I hope not! I hope it doesn't stick"

Running backs coach Pierre Ingram later walked by and was bewildered by Goff's new nickname.

And to shed more light on the McLovin nickname, Lindsay interviewed Bryce Treggs, Austin Hinder, and Jared Goff. If you watch any interview this spring, watch this one. It is hilarious.

Bryce Treggs: "This is my man McLovin right here. Doesn't he look like McLovin from Superbad?"

Lindsay Brauner: "I think he looks...[talking to Austin Hinder]"

Austin Hinder: "WHAAAAT?!"

Lindsay: "Jared, do you think you look like McLovin?"

Jared Goff: "[laughs] No!"

Bryce: "He sounds like McLovin"

Lindsay: "Austin, are you a McLovin type?"

Austin: "No"

Lindsay: "No?"

Austin: "No. I'm just going to be blunt with that one--I'm not the McLovin type."

Later on Lindsay asked the three to get closer together because Hinder and Treggs were moving outside the frame.

Austin gets really close to Jared.

Lindsay: "Is that what you you guys like to watch movies together?"

Bryce: "Noooo"

Jared nods his head

Jared: "Me and Bryce cuddle all the time"

Continuing the theme of movie characters, Lindsay asked which movie characters are most similar to the players.

Bryce: "I'd be the zebra in Madagascar."

Jared: "Hinder's the guy from Twilight"

Austin: "The vampire? I guess I'll take that"

Bryce: "And then we got McLovin"

Jared: "I don't look like McLovin, I don't talk like McLovin, I don't act like McLovin. I am not McLovin"

Bryce: "He's not embracing his character. You gotta embrace your character"

Austin: "I'll embrace the vampire"

What do you think, does Jared look like McLovin?

Goff_medium Mclovin-id_medium

I don't see it.

Spring Game Preview

Coach Dykes spoke briefly about this Saturday's spring game. The injury epidemic may force the team to adopt a novel scoring system for the game.

But with depth reduced far beyond the backups at several positions, Dykes will be flexible and indicated he would use a modified scoring system that rewards the offense and defense for plays made rather than recognizing only touchdowns and field goals, citing problems from the frenzied pace that will be featured.

"You always want to be able to divide into two teams and play," Dykes said. "The problem is last year we had 58 plays in the first quarter at Louisiana Tech. We’ve got two healthy running backs and about one deep in the secondary, so it is hard to have those guys play 240 plays."

Dykes provided some injury updates.

When it comes to the defensive backfield, Dykes wasn’t exaggerating. Redshirt freshman Damariay Drew was on crutches, dealing with a stress fracture in his right leg that could sideline him for a month, while redshirt junior Adrian Lee was set to undergo an unspecified surgery that Dykes characterized as "minor."

Offensive tackle Bill Tyndall is looking at a more significant recovery from a broken ankle. Tyndall won’t be ready for contact for at least four months, but would likely be making his return just in time for fall camp.

In more positive news, Dykes indicated that running back Darren Ervin and linebacker David Wilkerson could be available for the final scrimmage.

Wednesday Practice Updates

We'll start with the quarterbacks. Goff did not have his best day...

Goff managed to pull a Sanchez.

Zach Kline was inconsistent but overall fared slightly better than Goff.

Descriptions like these make me really wish I could attend practice.

I'm not sure who threw this duck.

The defense continues to show more versatility.

Vital info on Chris McCain. As long as he stays away from the oranges...

This is not surprising, considering the top RBs are on the sidelines.

Here's a grab bag of other observations.

It wouldn't be practice without a skirmish breaking out.

Hinder didn't see much time at QB, though he did manage to toss a TD.

Brazinski continues to snap erratically.

Special teams notes

And finally, the best highlight from practice came from Kenny Lawler.

We'll leave you with this image of one of Kenny's spectacular catches.