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Cal Football: Sonny Dykes Contract Averages $1.94 Million Per Year

Find out the terms of Sonny Dykes's deal and the bonuses he can make through strong academic and athletic performance by his Cal football team.

Bear Raid diamond formation!
Bear Raid diamond formation!
Avinash Kunnath

Some quick notes on the Sonny Dykes contract (which you can read by clicking and downloading the link to the PDF above). TwistNHook will have more detailed posts on the subject soon enough.

Dykes has a fixed compensation of $9.7 million that averages $1.94 million a year. His base salary averages $250,000 with an additional talent fee in place. A signing bonus of $594,000 also s part of the deal.

Talent fee: 1.55 million (2013/14), 1.75 million (2015/16), 1.85 million (2017)

Winning bonuses for seasons 1-3: 25 thousand (7 wins), 30 thousand (8 wins), 35k (9 wins), 40k (10 wins), 45k (11 wins)

Winning bonuses for seasons 4-5: 10 thousand (7 wins), 20 thousand (8 wins), 30k (9 wins), 30k (10 wins), 40k (11 wins), 45k (12 wins)

Bowl bonuses within first three years: 60 thousand (Rose), 50 thousand (BCS bowl other than Rose), 40 thousand (Alamo), 30 thousand (Holiday), 25 thousand (anything else).

Academic bonuses:
23 thousand (3.0 team GPA or higher), 20 thousand (2.85-2.99 team GPA), 10 thousand (2.7-2.84 team GPA).

APR bonuses: 23 thousand (980 or above), 20 thousand (970-979), 10 thousand (960-969).

Graduation bonuses: 23 thousand (90% or greater), 20 thousand (80% or greater), 10 thousand (70% or greater).

Buy-out clause: 3.75 million if contract terminated before New Year's Eve this year. Drops by 750k each year until December 31, 2017.

Thanks to Ryan Gorcey at Scout for summarizing the majority of these figures. Again, to read the pdf version of the contract, click here.

Cal fans, what do you think of the contract? Is it a fair deal? Let us know in the comments!