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Cal Spring Practice No. 11 Recap

What happened yesterday at Saturday's Practice!

Jason O. Watson

I understand that it can be sometimes tough to wade through 100ish comments to find out what happened at these practices. There are so many that it can be tough to remember what happened where. So, it's good to have these recap posts just to tie everything together in a nice little bouquet!

But I wasn't actually at the practice yesterday. I was at the one last Saturday (and I'll go to the one next Saturday). But I decided to garden yesterday instead. The weather is finally starting to turn and it's important to prepare things for plantings in April. First, I started by organizing my drip system, no wait, this isn't a recap of my gardening, this is a recap of Cal football. I forget sometimes. I know how much people just LOVE to read about drip systems! But many I should hand water instead?!??! SO MANY OPTIONS! But let's never use a read option ever again.

Let's look at some videos from the Cal Football Twitter account. Bryce Treggs:

Coach Dykes:

Highlights of the scrimmage itself:

Cal Athletics is putting out some great stuff. They've really upped their social media game. And they must have some really amazing water systems for Memorial Stadium. I bet I could learn a lot from them about that!

They also have their official story out on the scrimmage. Here is an excerpt, but you can read it in full here:

Rushing (Att-Yds-TD): Coprich 6-55, Hinder 5-29-TD, Hodges 6-24, Goff 3-7, Boehm 2-6, Gingold 2-2
Passing (Comp-Att-Yds-INT-TD): Goff 5-11-90-0-1, Kline 5-6-88-0-1, Hinder 4-8-54-0-0, Boehm 0-1-0-0-0
Receiving (Rec-Yds-TD): Treggs 3-39-TD, S. Anderson 2-21, Whitehurst 1-59, Bouza 1-30, Hodges 1-23, Powe 1-16-TD, Coprich 1-14, Coles 1-11, Bouza 1-10, Espitia 1-5, Davis 1-4
Punting (No-Yds-Avg): Leininger 2-68-34.0
Field Goals (Yardage-Made/Missed): Beito 43-Good, D'Amato 42-Missed
PAT (Made-Att): M. Anderson 1-1, Beito 1-1, D'Amato 1-1
Defense (Tackles; Big Plays): Coleman 4 (1.0 TFL, -3; 1.0 SK, -3), Broussard 4, Jefferson 4, Nickerson 4, Sebastian 4, Barton 3, Forbes 3, Dozier 2, Lowe 2, Team 1 (1.0 TFL, -15; 1.0 SK, -15), Moala 1 (1.0 TFL, -4; 1.0 SK, -4), Agu 1, Camporeale 1, Jalil 1, Kaufusi 1, G. King 1, L. King 1, Kragen 1, Fadelli (PBU)

Head coach Sonny Dykes, quarterbacks Austin Hinder and Zach Kline, and wide receiver Bryce Treggs were among the group that talked to the media after Saturday's workout. Here's some of what each had to say.

On whether any of the quarterbacks separated themselves from today
"I don't think so, not based on what I saw. We'll double check our work, but it looked like to me they all did some good things, kind of more of the same. They just keep working harder and getting more comfortable. It seems like every day they're starting to get a little bit of a better sense of timing and more comfortable with their receivers."

On the team's offense
"It's certainly a work in progress, but it's come a long way. When the offense got the tempo going today, they really played at a high level and when the tempo dragged then they dragged a little bit. That's typical, and that's not anything that hasn't been an experience in the past. When they're playing fast and they get the defense on its heels a little bit the offense can be pretty tough."

Additionally for me, we have some amazing readers. You guys are awesome! Keep on giving all the info.

Here is what Bearly Legal had to say:

Another spirited practice today. Here are my thoughts:

1. All three quarterbacks had some highlights and some unproductive drives. Goff threw a long TD pass to Treggs, Kline threw a TD to Powe and Hinder ran in for a touchdown. Hard to say which QB was most impressive today, but if push comes to shove, I would say… Kline. Hinder looked REALLY good running the ball, and had a couple of nice passes too. Goff made some plays, but short-armed a couple of passes.

2. Kline and Goff still had their gold jerseys on, but Hinder and Boehm wore the offense whites, meaning that the D was free to hit them. And hit them they did. I’m sure many will interpret this as the QB competition narrowing down to Kline and Goff, but I see it differently. If Hinder is gonna win the job, it’ll have to be because he can move the ball throwing AND running. And there’s no way he can prove his running abilities without participating in full contact live plays.

3. The QB rotation went: Kline with first team, Hinder with second team, Goff with first team, Kline with second team, Hinder with first team, Goff with second team, Boehm with first team, Kline with third (!) team, and then Goff with first team. So Goff, as usual, got the most reps with the first team offense. Do with that what you will.

4. Coprich and Hodges rotated at running back. Coprich looked good. In fact, he looked the best he’s looked all spring, breaking a huge 50 yard run and running tough between tackles. Hodges looks very competent as well, especially for a preferred walk-on. The kid can play, running tough inside and making a ridiculous catch for first down on the sidelines. Gingold got two carries with the third team offense, and gained a couple of yards.

5. The highlights of practice were: Goff to Treggs for a 50+ yard touchdown, Coprich with a 50 yard run, Avery with another resounding hit, Kline to Whitehurst in traffic for a long completion (great job by Whitehurst, outjumping the DB), and some real nice designed runs for Hinder.

6. The lowlight was Tyndall going down with a leg injury. He has been a standout performer this spring, and we need him out there. Bummer.

7. There were no interceptions today. This might mean that the QBs are improving, since a huge tenet of this offense is not turning the ball over. Alternatively, this might just be a case of our ball-hawking CB, Kam Jackson, being out.

8. Kenny Lawler, who has looked good during most practices, was held quiet for the second scrimmage in a row. He has not really stood out with full pads on. This might simply be a case of being consistently matched one on one with Stefan McClure, however, as McClure has done a great job covering people on the outside.

9. Although we didn’t use it during the scrimmage, we installed some option plays out of the Diamond (Grizzly/Big Bear/Ursa Major), with Hinder or Boehm as the QB. It has become obvious that if Dykes wants a mobile QB to run a diverse offense, then Hinder is the guy. If we’re going with a classic pocket QB, then it’s Kline/Goff.

10. D’Amato missed a 32 yard field goal attempt. Beito made a 42 yarder. Anderson, D’Amato and Beito made their point after tries.

11. As always, we were flying around, real physical, no doubt about it, etc, etc.

Some great thoughts in there. Valued Reader AirRaidUK also had this to say:

Run/Pass Combinations

The other night I commented about the run/pass combinations and the effect they have on the defense. Photos 193-230 are a great illustration. The formation is “Early”. The “H” has moved to the right side of the formation to form Trips right. The call is Y Cross/Power Right. Again, Franklin makes a pre-snap call to either run or pass. Here he has chosen pass based on the fact that each receiver to the trips is covered by a defender and the Safety is down (8 yards off the ball). With the Safety down the pass is a much better option.

If you listen to Tony Franklin talk to his quarterbacks he will constantly ask them "Where is your ‘Best Grass’? pre-snap. If you look at photo 193 it is clear that the “Best Grass” is around the nearside 40 yard marker on the field. The X is isolated on the CB who is playing press coverage. Franklin will tell his QB’s if the X (WR) can “Win” versus the CB go to him. This is a pre-snap read. The Safety is inside the hash and will not be able to help the CB if the X runs his route correctly and the QB delivers the ball where it belongs. While all of that seems pretty elementary watch the Safety as the play develops. At the snap of the ball the LG pulls right and the QB fakes the handoff to the RB moving right. The safety takes a few steps backward but does not move to his right to help the isolated CB. Instead his eyes are on the pulling guard and backfield action moving to his left. Meanwhile, the X has picked a spot 2 yards outside the CB and gotten a clean release off he LOS. By photo 202 the X has gotten the CB on his back shoulder and by photo 204 has restacked the CB (gotten his right shoulder back against the CB and has gotten back on the #‘s. The CB’s only hope at this point are 1) safety help (which he will not get because of the run action) or 2) a very poor throw by the QB. As the sequence moves along you see the near safety finally decides to try and cover the Y on the “Cross” but the X has already made the play. The throw is a little short (back shoulder) but the play is well executed. The X getting back on the #‘s allows room for the QB to throw the ball between the #’s and the sideline. If the X had not gotten back on the #‘s the CB could force a throw far enough outside that he can use the sideline as a defender. I’m not sure which QB that is but I’m sure Coach Franklin would be pleased with the read and execution. Likewise, Coach Likens would be pleased with the execution by the receiver. They work the release and restock every day.

If you want to see some photos, valued reader MrRollins put up a gallery of hundreds of them. I cannot figure out how to embed them here, but you can click on the link and head over.

And, of course, blueandgold15 is always out there, live tweeting all the actions. Here are some tweets to keep an eye on:

So, there you go. A lot to investigate, a lot to learn. And I have some hose bibs I need clean! GO BEARS!