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Cal Football Spring Practice Report No. 8: Offense Depth Chart Review

With Allan Bridgford transferring, a three-way tie has emerged for the Cal starting quarterback position.

Avinash Kunnath

Light day of practice, so it's depth chart time!

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We'll focus on the offense today. Defense tomorrow.

Quarterback: Jared Goff OR Austin Hinder OR Zach Kline


A three-way tie! Who could have foreseen this? Maybe this tie will be broken at the end of spring! Or the start of fall! Or the end of next fall! Or the first game of next season! Or the bye week! I'm hoping for the bowl game.

This kind of deserves its own post, but the dynamics of trying to handle quarterbacks when there is not one clearcut candidate to take the job is always fascinating, and I wonder how long Dykes will try and keep the tie going. We've already seen Allan Bridgford go, and I imagine no one wants to see any more changes.

Running back: 1) Darren Ervin, 2) Jeffrey Coprich, 3) Jonah Hodges

This entire list is all ready to shuffle down the moment 1) Brendan Bigelow comes back, and 2) Daniel Lasco can practice in full. But the pecking order at RB hasn't changed much since camp started and shouldn't be all that different once it ends. Ervin definitely looks the most solid and Coprich is doing his best to keep up.

Wide receiver X: 1) Bryce Treggs, 2a) Griffin Piatt, 2b) Drake Whitehurst

Treggs's position to lose. He's the best wide receiver in camp. Expect Whitehurst to climb Piatt as time wears on, but Bryce has really stepped it up.

Wide receiver Y: 1) Jackson Bouza, 2a) Stephen Anderson, 2b) Darius Powe

Surprise! Bouza is your current slot guy, with Powe suddenly having to work his way up. Bouza definitely fits the model of the position classically while Powe can do some special things on intermediate to deep pass packages. Wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of flexing here.

Wide receiver Z: 1) Kenny Lawler, 2) Maurice Harris

The breakout star of spring, Lawler looks all set to go out and execute the Tony Franklin System. At times he's looked the most assured running the routes assigned to him and is very fluid in the way he catches and handles the ball after reception. But Chris Harper should come back this fall and fight Lawler to win his job back.

H: 1) Maximo Espitia, 2) Joel Willis, 3) Bryce McGovern, 4) Jacob Wark

I imagine this is similar to an H-Back, although more in the Oregon mold that involves doing non-standard things. Like Espitia is definitely a classic H-back who can run, block, pass protect, etc. Willis is more of a dynamic playmaker who will probably be asked to run and pass-catch without the blocking part. McGovern and Wark are more blockers and catchers. Lot of variety here.

BONE: 1) Lucas Gingold, 2) Jake Davis, 3) Jacob Wark

Hey look, seven skill positions! Don't you love it when teams fudge things up and confuse the hell out of other teams?

Here's how Nam describes the position in his recap.

A quick note on the "bone" position, which is listed on the depth chart and may be unfamiliar to readers – this refers to the two players that line up in the backfield in the team's "diamond" formation. It appears that the staff prefers larger, tight-end sized players in this role, as evidenced by the recent rotation involving Lucas Gingold, Jake Davis, and Jacob Wark.

Gingold has made the biggest name for himself in camp. Dude is a crusher and just fits the mold that Dykes and Franklin want from this particular position, which is generally a big guy who can run, catch and block.

LT: 1) Freddie Tagaloa, 2) Brian Farley
LG: 1) Jordan Rigsbee, 2) Steven Moore

RT: 1) Bill Tyndall, 2a) Matt Williams, 2b) Christian Okafor

These spots have been pretty consistent all camp. It's good to see a giant like Tags handling left tackle responsibilities; he's got to condition himself a little but he's massive. Rigsbee is ready to bruise with one year of experience under his belt. Tyndall isn't your prototypical right tackle, so he'll be one player to watch regarding shifts and changes.

C: 1) Matt Cochran, 2) Mark Brazinski
RG: 1) Alejandro Crosthwaite, 2) Geoffrey Gibson

Brazinski started at the beginning of camp, but Cochran has worked his way up and seems to have seized control of the spot. Nam notes the struggle with shotgun snaps with Braz while Cochran appears to have a firmer grasp of where to place that football. Ditto with Crosthwaite and Gibson who have reversed roles. Mobility here seems pretty rock solid.

Definitely the wild card spot. Tyndall seems like he's in control for now.