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Cal Football Spring Practice No. 8 Open Thread

The California Golden Bears are ready for yet another week of spring practice. Who will make the big leaps in week three?

Avinash Kunnath

Time: 4-6:30 p.m.

What, this is still going on?

Alright. Um. Preview. Practice. Tempo. Offense. Rhythm. Klindergoff. Welcome to your world the next two weeks.

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There are rumors that a depth chart will be released, which I will probably pay attention to more than the actual practice if it comes out. But there's plenty of stuff you should be watching out for outside of "Who will be the next quarterback we will tear to shreds?".

  • The wide receiver pecking order. Bryce Treggs is clearly the number one. Who's joining him though? Kenny Lawler has occasionaly shown the most upside. Darius Powe has looked really strong in one-on-ones. Chris Harper is out but you'd expect him to be in the mix. But will they all fit in the same scheme or will there be more mixing and matching with tight ends playing inside WRs?
  • The offensive line. Matt Cochran seems to have taken over as the primary center for Mark Brazinski. Alejandro Crosthawite also appears to have moved ahead of Geoffrey Gibson. So there are definite battles to watch on the interior.
  • The front seven is loads of depth and mystery. Who's starting where? Outside of Mustafa Jalil, Deandre Coleman, Khairi Fortt and Nick Fobes, does anyone have a clue who will be our final starters coming out of the spring?

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