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Cal Football Spring Scrimmage No. 1 Report: Klindergoff Released

The California Golden Bears had their first spring scrimmage this Saturday, and there's no real candidate separating themselves as the primary starting quarterback.

Avinash Kunnath

With Allan Bridgford looking all but out in the race to be Cal's next starting quarterback, there are three legitimate candidates left. Zach Kline, Austin Hinder, Jared Goff, are the names we'll be watching every day for the rest of the camp. We shall call them the KLINDERGOFF.

A few words on each.

Zach Kline: In almost every respect, Kline is probably the best pure passer of the bunch. He throws the tightest spiral. His arm velocity is absurd, which in turns makes it impossible for defenders to make a play on the ball unless it's a bad throw. He diagnoses coverage pretty well. And he throws a pretty impressive ball downfield. However, one of the biggest demands in this offense is execution, and it's unclear if Kline is clearly ahead of anyone yet. There are times where he looks really strong (particularly when he's asked to uncork that arm). His potential is probably ahead of anyone else though.

Jared Goff: For all of Kline's potential, Goff is the one who's executing right now, and he's getting the reps to show that he's performing well. He throws a pretty good ball in addition to that and has proven he can hit a majority of throws. In terms of conistency with where Dykes and Franklin want the football, you'd have to make the case that Goff is the one putting the football in the right spots with regularity. Regardless of whether he comes out and wins this job this early, Goff doing this well this early has to bode well for him making the two deep sooner rather than later. It could really end up being a battle of the two young guns.

Austin Hinder: Hinder doesn't really stand out as much as the other two, but there was something he was able to do better than Goff or Kline: Run. His mobility to keep plays alive really should be an asset if the offensive line isn't ready to go and the team needs help blocking. Passing is still the most important part of this equation though. Hinder's accuracy is definitely behind the other two and he occasionally misses throws that Goff usually makes while lacking the arm that Kline has, so he's probably got some work to do to catch up here.

The Klindergoff gets another two weeks to sort itself out before it heads back into private solitude to figure out who really needs to control the beast.

Scrimmage action shots (with some video maybe tomorrow?)!

Press conference video!

Sonny from Friday.

Sonny from Saturday!

Two sport athlete Jacob Wark.

Bryce Treggs stopped by with father Brian.

Tweets from Nam

Follow his reports from @OneLifeOneMic.


Nam's talking up depth chart!

The first team offense for the scrimmage today consisted of Bryce Treggs, Kenny Lawler, Chris Harper, Jackson Bouza, with Freddie Tagaloa, Jordan Rigsbee, Matt Cochran, Alejandro Crostwaithe, and Bill Tyndall rounding out the offensive line. Jared Goff joined them, although all three quarterbacks rotated in regularly.

The first team defense remained the same as it has for the past few practices, with Kam Jackson and Stefan McClure at cornerback, Michael Lowe and Avery Sebastian at safety, Nick Forbes, Jalen Jefferson and Khairi Fortt at linebacker, and Dan Camporeale, Kyle Kragen, Mustafa Jalil and Deandre Coleman rounding out the defensive line. Todd Barr, who normally rotates in with this unit, was not available today.

The second team offensive line was the same as it has been in recent practices, with Brian Farley at left tackle, Steven Moore at left guard, Mark Brazinski at center, Geoffrey Gibson at right guard, and Christian Okafor at right tackle.

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