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Golden Nuggets: Sonny Dykes Discusses Each Member of Cal's 2013 Recruiting Class

After his press conference on Wednesday, Coach Dykes showed members of the media highlight film from each member of his recruiting class. Here are some of his comments on the recruits.

Ezra Shaw

If you watched the recruiting press conference on Wednesday, you noticed it abruptly ended when Dykes transitioned to the film highlights of each of his recruits. Fortunately Faraudo has some of Dykes' comments on each of the new Bears. First some, of the defensive ends.

KYLE KRAGEN, DE (6-3, 250), Diablo Valley College: "He’s a productve player. Love the way he plays. He plays with an attitude. He’s an explosive pass rusher. Tenacious. He’ll make a quick contribution to our program. His dad (Greg) played in the NFL. He really knows how to play football, never gives up on a play."

TAKKARIST MCKINLEY, DE (6-3, 240), Kennedy HS-Richmond: "He’s a pretty special talent, a unique guy. An unusual football player. There’s not many guys who are 6-3, 240 pounds and run 10.5 (for 100 meters). He’s a very raw athlete that we’re very excited about. I think he’s got a tremendous upside."

As is the Bears' custom over the past several years, Cal welcome several exciting linebackers.

JOHNNY RAGIN, OLB (6-3, 225), Wilsonville HS, Ore.: "A really athletic, fast, sudden guy. A relentless player. A great student. He’s had like one `B’ in his entire life. A tremendously interesting guy just because he’s interested in everything. Oregon made a run at him. He stuck with us. Cal sold him."

EDWARD TANDY, OLB (6-1, 220), Tustin HS: "I’m really surprised everyone in the country wasn’t recruiting Edward. He’s a physically mature kid. The first time I met him he looked like he was about 25 years old. A really tough kid. They told us pound-for-pound, the strongest ever to play at Tustin. An intense guy."

CHAD WHITENER, MLB (6-1, 240), Mansfield HS, Texas: "We recruited him at Louisiana Tech and he’s gotten bigger. He’s 6-1, about 250. He’s a heck of a football player. He was a top BMX bicycle racer as a kid. He’s going to be successful at whatever he does. It’s really hard to find middle linebackers. Chad’s a true physical middle linebacker."

Even during the streamed press conference Dykes expressed excitement about Hudson's wealth of potential positions in the Dykes-Franklin offense.

RAY HUDSON, TE (6-3, 235), Foothill HS-Pleasanton: "A big guy that has the body of a tight end who can do a lot of different things. The thing that was fun about watching Ray’s (high school) film is they would split him out at times. He catches the ball very well. Can be a matchup problem. Can play a lot of different roles in this offense. Those guys are hard to find."

Finally, he gives his thoughts on several of the skill players.

KHALFANI MUHAMMAD, RB (5-8, 175), Notre Dame HS-Sherman Oaks: "Great speed, great quickness. You’d be surprised how physical he is for a smaller guy. He’s a good player in space, but runs surprisingly hard. He gives us some pop. He gets going north and south fast. He had about a 20-minute highlight video, which is usually a good sign."

JARED GOFF, QB (6-4, 185), Marin Catholic-Kentfield: "We’re really excited about Jared. He’s got good size, a good arm. Felt like he does everything well. Moves well, shows touch — has all the intangibles. A very smart kid. He does a nice job working the pocket — a skill that’s very underrated."

These guys are going to graduate in 2017 and 2018: does anyone else feel ancient when realizing that?






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