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Cal Football On National Signing Day: Sonny Dykes Press Conference Open Thread

Discuss Wednesday's National Signing Day press conference, where head coach Sonny Dykes talks about this year's 2013 Cal football recruiting class.


Coach Dykes will be addressing the media today at 1 pm. The stream should be available via, so you'll get a chance here Dykes talk about the incoming recruiting class.

Look for Dykes to address a variety of things. I see him really focusing on the direction he wants to take this program in, while touching on some of the more prominent members of this year's class.

Here's the link to the official Cal Football site, which should be doing a few feature articles tomorrow for National Signing Day.

It also should contain a link to the official chat with Coach Dykes, which begins at 3 p.m. local time.

And for the most up to date National Signing Day coverage, be sure to be watching our twitter feed. We'll be working all day to make sure we're keeping you in the loop.

Discuss the press conference and the live chat with Coach Dykes immediately following the press conference afterwards!