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Golden Recruiting Wire: National Signing Day Tomorrow!

What will the 2013 recruiting class really look like???


Undoubtedly the biggest news this week was Cameron Hunt's unofficial decommitment. For those of you who have been following Cal football recruiting, this should have come as no surprise. Regardless of which way you spin it though, this hurts. Many recruiting services tabbed Hunt as our most valuable recruit. Fortunately, it looks like Dykes was anticipating something of this nature, and was sure to lock up multiple other offensive line recruits. Hunt certainly would have been the icing on the cake, but this is definitely still a great offensive line class.

Interestingly, Hunt seems to still be wanting to keep us in suspense.

Not really sure why he would write that unless he really hasn't decided yet... Regardless, all signs point to Oregon, and I would say there's about a 5% or less chance he changes his mind and comes back to Cal. Best of luck up North Mr. Hunt.

LJ Moore-

Signing Moore would certainly help mitigate the damage done by Hunt's decommitment. With a little more weight on his frame, Moore could be a force at the corner position. He's taken visits to the likes of Notre Dame and Oklahoma, and has a hand full of offers from other big time programs. I think Moore is a big time player, and could potentially contend for serious playing time next season.

Several sources believe that Moore will sign with us. Publicly though, he certainly isn't showing any preference for a particular program.

Patrick Enewally

Like Moore, Gorcey also thinks that Enewally will sign with us tomorrow. The greatest evidence for this can be found in the fact that Enewally was scheduled to announce weeks ago, but wanted to take a trip to Cal before doing so. Dykes and Co. are definitely fighting to get this guy. I think it's really between us and UCLA, but we'll have to see.

Johnny Ragin III

As you all know, Ragin was bombarded by the Oregon recruiting staff over the last week. An in home visit, an official to Eugene, and finally an offer was made to the Oregon native.

Rumor says that Ragin has been high on Oregon all along, they just wouldn't offer him. My gut initially told me that Ragin was definitely going to become a duck. However, as of last night, Ragin has decided to stick. Ragin is a 4.0 student, so it's likely that the academics at Cal were a factor in his decision.

Man, that is just great to hear. Against all odds almost, Dykes is able to keep a recruit away from not only his hometown, childhood favorite school, but perhaps the hottest program in college football right now. This is really an incredible testament to Dykes recruiting ability.

Outside of these players, I wouldn't expect any other surprises in terms of potential last minute decommitments or commitments. Yes there have been some significant disappointments this recruiting year, but that's to be expected after a 3-9 season. I think Cal fans should focus on the fact that this class wasn't a mere assortment of talented players. The coaching staff had a definitive goal in mind in recruiting well up front, and they did just that. I for one am optimistic that this class will alleviate some of the major problems that plagued Cal football in 2012.