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Jeff Tedford's Buyout Details

After being let go in late November, figures surrounding Tedford's termination were made available today.


As you know, before Tedford was let go, there was a fierce debate among Cal fans about whether or not the school could afford his massive buyout, up until donors pledged enough to make that debate irrelevant. According to a report from John Crumpacker, the details of that buyout were made available today, and the results of those negotiations are below:

Former Cal football coach Jeff Tedford and the University reached a settlement on the remaining three years of his contract. He’ll receive $5.5 million over the next three years, less if he gets another coaching job that pays him more than $1.5 million per season.

Considering that the figure was closer to 7 million before negotiations, Cal fans will be delighted to hear that some money is being saved, no matter how minor the amount.This news also signals an effective end to the Tedford era here in Berkeley. No loose ends remain to be taken care of, now that his buyout has been finalized.

He may not have been perfect - and he may not have taken us to the promised land - but he will always be one of our own. Thanks for everything, Coach T. Hope you enjoy your time off - and your next job, should you choose to find one.