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Cal Football Spring Practice No. 2 Open Thread

Cal football gets set for another spring practice. Follow the Cal football action on Twitter

Cal Bears Online

Time: 4-6:30 p.m.
Practices open to the public.

Day two of Cal football practice! What can we look for today?

1. People throwing footballs.

2. People running with the football.

3. People catching the football.

Solid. Think we're set here. Discuss all the live updates on Twitter in the comments.

CGB embeds

@GoldenBlogs: I'll be tweeting from here. Think I'm just going to take pictures of the sky at this one.

@OneLifeOneMic: Blueandgold15 is tweeting for Bear Insider! And he tweets a lot so you can pretty much read whatever he writes and feel like you're somewhat kind of there because no one else even comes close. ICYMI Read his two part preview of spring practice that checks out the big time position battles (Part I & Part II).

Cal football

@CalBearBlog: Jonathan Okanes (remember that guy?) will hopefully be active.

@CalFootball: Official videos and press conference transcripts will be released through here.

@CalAthletics: They probably won't Tweet here, but Signing Day Central keeps on linking to us so we ask you to go check it out!

Remaining reporters

@CalBearsBANG: Jeff Faraudo from Inside Bay Area. He's probably going to stop caring about this halfway through and start tweeting basketball stats.

@crumpackeroncal: John Crumpacker from the Chronicle. If you're lucky, he'll tweet once.

@RGBearTerritory: Ryan Gorcey from Scout. Wasn't here on Monday due to spring training, but if he's not...

@DanGreenspan: Dan Greenspan from Scout will be reporting in his stead, and he is quite the charmer.

@CalRivals: Grant Marek from Rivals. You'll probably get a good dispatch afterward.