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Golden Nuggets: Steve Williams and the Cal Bears Turn in Strong Performances at the NFL Combine

Steve Williams' unofficial 4.25 40-yard dash was the highlight of the Combine, but his teammates also turned in some impressive performances.


The NFL combine is wrapping up today, but Steve Williams made sure the final day was a memorable one. He ran a blistering 4.25 (unofficial) in his first timed 40 (video here). That would have been the fastest 40-yard dash since 2008. Unfortunately, the official time was quite a bit slower--but by the time the official was announced everyone had already heard that Steve "Speedy" Williams more than lives up to his nickname. Take a look at the rest of the Bears' results from the four-day festivities.

Brian Schwenke C.J. Anderson Marc Anthony Steve Williams
40 yard dash 4.99 (6th) 4.60 (T 15th) 4.63 (32nd) 4.42 (T 9th)
Bench press 31 (T 8th) 17 (T 22nd) 12 (T 21st) 12 (T 21st)
Vertical leap 26.5 (T 24th) 32.0 (T 21st) 35.0 (T 17th) 40.5 (T 1st)
Broad jump 108 (T 10th) 119 (T 13th) 118 (T 23rd) 128.0 (T 3rd)
3 cone drill 7.31 (T 2nd) 7.15 (T 17th) 6.74 (T 5th) 6.89 (T 12th)
20 yard shuttle 4.74 (T 19th) 4.12 (T 3rd) 4.07 (6th) 4.10 (8th)
60 yard shuttle NA NA NA NA
Draft grade 71.0


68.35 59.0

Here is the breakdown of what's grades mean.


I bet Steve Williams grade will get a nice boost following his terrific performances. Did anyone else forget how exceptional of an athlete he is?



"So we have their attention: Here’s what we do. It always works, How fast it works depends on you. Now if you want to be slow and fight it and say I haven’t done it that way before, then three years from now you can watch us play in the Rose Bowl. Or you can make it happen now. This thing can happen immediately overnight. It’s up to you. If you buy in immediately, then we can be good immediately."





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