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Cal Football Spring Practice 2013 #1 Open Thread

The California Golden Bears football team returns to Memorial Stadium! Here is an open thread of the first spring practice of the year.

Cal Bears Online

Time: 4-6:30 p.m.

Coverage: Probably just Twitter, or you can head down to Memorial and watch yourself!

Spring practice is open. OPEN! How thrilled can you get?

Open practices means open threads. Which means meaningful discussion of Tweets. Tweets!

Here are the Twitter accounts you should follow if you want any info of today's first practice (or you can just follow some of the tweets in the live thread below).

Again, here are the players not available.

Junior offensive lineman Chris Adcock, sophomore wide receiver Chris Harper, sophomore running back Daniel Lasco, junior defensive end Chris McCain, and sophomore wide receiver/tightend Richard Rodgers all had some sort of shoulder surgeries and will be out for Spring. Tailback Brendan Bigelow, wide receiver/tightend Spencer Hagan, and junior defensive end Sione Sina all had knee surgeries and will also be out for Spring. Then there's junior linebacker Brennan Scarlett, who will be out with a hand injury. Senior defensive lineman Austin Clark and sophomore linebacker Jason Gibson will also both be limited with foot injuries. Oh, and Cecil Whiteside and Dasarte Yarnway are both no longer with the program.

CGB embeds

@GoldenBlogs: Your one stop shop for all the best fashion advice. Why is everyone wearing helmets at this thing? Don't they realize we can't see their faces?

@OneLifeOneMic: Our boy blueandgold15 is tweeting for Bear Insider! He's growing up so fast. Read his two part preview of spring practice that checks out the big time position battles (Part I & Part II).

@avinashkunnath: If I tweet from here, it's almost definitely going to be about frostbite in a dark, windy stadium and my everlasting quest to sneak into the press box.

Remaining reporters

@CalBearsBANG: Jeff Faraudo from Inside Bay Area. He's probably going to stop caring about this halfway through and start tweeting basketball stats.

@RGBearTerritory: Ryan Gorcey from Scout. The man will probably have all the cool information.

@CalRivals: Grant Marek from Rivals. This guy will probably have all the alternative cool information.

@DanGreenspan: Dan Greenspan from Scout. He has incredible ties.

@ManBearCal: He's not here, but you should all follow him, because I miss you bruh.