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Cal Rugby At UCLA Photos Part Two: Wherein the Bears Demonstrate Superior Strength and Conditioning

After a competitive first half, Cal ran away (literally) with the match during the second half. Let's take a look at how the Bears' superior strength and conditioning paved the way for 42 second-half points.

Saturday's Cal-UCLA rugby match was a tale of two halves. The first half of the match was enjoyable because it was a great example of tough, competitive rugby. The second half was a spectacle of complete domination led by the Bears' near-flawless execution. In part two of these photo highlights we will focus specifically on how much stronger and faster Cal was than the Bruins.

When we last left off, the Bears took a 33-17 lead into halftime. Cal made some mistakes that gave the pesky Bruins easy scoring opportunities. As a result, we had a surprisingly competitive first half. Unfortunately for the Bruins, Cal is a second-half team. (Cal is also a first-half team, but that's neither here nor there). Cal's superior strength and conditioning had a huge impact on the Bears' second-half performance. Cal absolutely dominated the second half. They spent nearly the entire match on the Bruins' side of the field--notice how many of the following pictures are on the North (right) side of the field.

After this line-out, UCLA managed to spend a minute on the Cal side of the field. Overall, I would estimate they spent fewer than 10 of the 40 minutes in the second half on Cal's side of the field.

 photo DSC_0198-1_zps59308c89.jpg

Do you ever take a ton of pictures at an event, later go through them, and find one that makes absolutely no sense? This is one of those.

 photo DSC_0200_zps6c62b158.jpg

Alec Gletzer (right side) has a tenacious hold on this Bruin's leg. That more or less spelled the end of the Bruins' quick jaunt on the Cal side of the field.

 photo DSC_0204_zps4c827c04.jpg

Gletzer breaks free for a long run. Despite his awesome locks, he never whipped his hair around SydQuan-style.

 photo DSC_0218_zps12647858.jpg

Jake Anderson splits the uprights after Ekalafi Okusi's conversion, the first of six unanswered second-half tries for Cal. Bears take a 40-17 lead.

 photo DSC_0233-1_zps68659bb1.jpg

This was the official Beast Mode Run of the Day, courtesy of Danny Barrett.

 photo DSC_0235_zps837570b8.jpg

He weaves through the Bruin backs.

 photo DSC_0236_zps77c45c18.jpg

Who begin to converge on him.

 photo DSC_0237-1_zps84bbe023.jpg

Of course, this isn't a problem for Barrett who breaks several arm-trackles while rumbling toward the end zone.

 photo DSC_0238-1_zpse340451f.jpg

About 50 meters later the Bruins finally bring him down.

 photo DSC_0239_zps4225450a.jpg


 photo DSC_0253-1_zpscf369de4.jpg

Bears' captain Seamus Kelly (13) locks onto this Bruin's leg for an excellent tackle. With Josh Tucker and Eakalafi Okusi converging on him, the UCLA player is about to be in a world of hurt.

 photo DSC_0254-1_zpsb93d1a98.jpg

Here's a fun example of the superiority of Cal's strength. Cal and UCLA are about to engage in a scrum. Take note of where they are on the field--use the buses, ramp, and UCLA players in the background as reference points. I held the camera at the same point for each of the following photos.

 photo DSC_0271_zps8f31ed09.jpg

The scrum begins.

 photo DSC_0272-1_zps7e79e8af.jpg


 photo DSC_0273_zps02317279.jpg


 photo DSC_0274_zps3880b7d0.jpg

Gone. It was unbelievable how far Cal would move the scrum during the second half. UCLA was helpless against the Bears' superior strength.

 photo DSC_0275-1_zpsc82b0efc.jpg

Patrick Coleman gets ready to pass to one of the reserves, Josh Tucker (#21).

 photo DSC_0289_zpsc4ec682a.jpg

Despite being a sub, he had some nifty moves. He freezes the UCLA defender on the right and weaves through to the middle of the field to set up an easy conversion. This put the Bears up 61-17. After missing the first conversion of the day, Jake Anderson converted the next ten.

 photo DSC_0290_zps3f6a0eb3.jpg

 photo DSC_0291-1_zps2385d4ff.jpg

Five minutes later Tucker found the end zone again. This one was too easy. After the conversion Cal led 68-17.

 photo DSC_0292_zps647be4d6.jpg

 photo DSC_0293-1_zps477bf203.jpg

 photo DSC_0294-1_zps1191ccf1.jpg

Cal and UCLA battle for a contested scrum.

 photo DSC_0302_zps9325dd5d.jpg

This Bruin is in trouble.

 photo DSC_0309_zps2b1bb40c.jpg

Solid tackling from the Bears.

 photo DSC_0310_zps5d750b13.jpg

Here's another great example of Cal dominating a scrum. This time you can use the markings on the field as a reference point. Once again, I held the camera on one spot to emphasize how far Cal pushed the pile.

 photo DSC_0314_zpsf8a102b0.jpg

 photo DSC_0315_zpsd0bb3c61.jpg

 photo DSC_0316_zps67eb3bc6.jpg

Cal must have pushed the pile at least 6 meters.

 photo DSC_0317_zps9fd7e0c5.jpg

Despite the push from Cal, UCLA managed to recover the ball. The Bears quickly homed in on the ball carrier.

 photo DSC_0318_zpsc5103d72.jpg

At some point around the 70-minute mark, UCLA (finally) managed to cross midfield again. This was mainly because two Cal players had just gone down, leaving UCLA with a 15-13 advantage. One Bear was back on his feet within a few seconds.

 photo DSC_0319_zps9b855dce.jpg

Jack O'Beirne took a while longer to get up.

 photo DSC_0320_zps64d7d4e2.jpg

Fortunately it appeared to be a cramp, so he was able to walk off under his own power.

 photo DSC_0325_zpsfb065d5b.jpg

 photo DSC_0332_zps42677f44.jpg

Cal sets up a conga line of pain.

 photo DSC_0334_zps63391bee.jpg

Russell Webb slips past a defender...

 photo DSC_0335_zps8f7fd12d.jpg

...and he's gone. UCLA's players looked exhausted and offered little resistance whenever the Bears moved into open space.

 photo DSC_0336_zpsfca6e33b.jpg

 photo DSC_0337_zps3225f06f.jpg

We're off to the races again.

 photo DSC_0361_zpse882cbaf.jpg

 photo DSC_0362_zps607b2288.jpg

Jack Clark approves...I think.

 photo DSC_0364_zps34441404.jpg

In the waning minutes UCLA managed to break free in their most impressive drive of the half.

 photo DSC_0372_zps1e5bf5a1.jpg

You know when a QB throws a screen pass to a WR who is about to be blown up by a DB? This was like that...

 photo DSC_0373_zps0e9b89b9.jpg

Not one second after #20 gets the ball he gets annihilated by the Bear backs. Soon after the Bears finally relented and boosted the Bruins' spirits by allowing UCLA to score a try in the 79th minute. Who says rugby isn't a gentleman's sport? Cal ended up winning 75-22 after scoring 42 consecutive points in the second half.

 photo DSC_0374_zps4d5af8e7.jpg

Jack Clark congratulates his men on a job well done.

 photo DSC_0384_zps9c107964.jpg

As UCLA doesn't have a dedicated rugby field like Witter, there was no scoreboard for a final scoreboard photo. That was a rare blemish on an otherwise spectacular day for Cal rugby!