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Cal Men's Tennis vs. Stanford Cardinal "Big Slam" Open Thread

It's "Big Slam" time and apparently that means tennis. Can the Bears defend their home court and defeat the surprisingly lowly ranked Furd squad? GO BEARS!

Nope, Roger Federer is not a part of Cal Tennis.
Nope, Roger Federer is not a part of Cal Tennis.
Julian Finney

[Update]: BEARS WIN!!!

No. 12 Cal (4-4) vs. No. 28 Stanford (3-4) - 1 p.m.

Coverage: Live Video Stream

Here are how the Bears are ranked:

  • The ITA also ranks the following Cal teams in doubles: Johnson and Konigsfeldt (No. 14), Ben McLachlan and senior Riki McLachlan (No. 22)

Furd only have John Morrisey (No. 35), Nolan Paige (No. 91) ranked in singles by the ITA


In case you have not watched college tennis before, the meet starts with simultaneous play of 3 doubles matches, first to 8 games with tiebreaker for 7-7. The team who wins two doubles matches first win ONE point. Then the six singles matches happen (more or less simultaneous) - best of 3 sets, with the winner of each singles match rewarded one point. First team to 4 point win the meet.