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Golden Nuggets: Montgomery Says Cal Has a Chance to Share Pac-12 Title

Last week we began dreaming of an NCAA bid. Is it too soon to start thinking about a share of the Pac-12 title?

Monty wants his second conference title with the Bears.
Monty wants his second conference title with the Bears.

Mike Montgomery has high expectations for the Bears. After the Bears stumbled into a victory over Oregon State, Monty said he thinks the Bears have a shot at sharing the Pac-12 title.

"Pretty much a dominant weekend, the way I look at it," coach Mike Montgomery said in jest. "To get out of Oregon with two wins, that's huge for us. Maybe we'll take a look at winning this doggone thing."

"It's huge, getting a sweep," Cobbs said. "It's hard when the Pac-12's leading scorer (Crabbe) only has six points. We managed to find other guys to score. We had the will to win. I'm excited. We were able to get a win in a tough place to play. We have a bigger picture in front of us."

Looking at the conference race, Montgomery said, "I do think five losses will probably get a share of it. Home games don't guarantee anything. We proved that. We've lost four at home. We'll see. We have some work to do."

Can Cal share the conference title with a 13-5 record? Time will tell.







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