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Cal Rugby at UCLA, First Half Photo Highlights

Cal visited one of the PAC conference's better teams at the UCLA campus. Here are some photos from the first half.

On Saturday I took advantage of a fine afternoon by heading to Westwood to see the Bears take on UCLA's rugby club. I managed to bribe Mrs. Bk97 into attending with the promise of a trip to Diddy Riese while we were in the area. UCLA has put together one of the better teams in the PAC rugby conference. They're not on the level of Cal and Utah, but the Bruins are not pushovers. In fact, Cal only beat them 29-7 at the All-Cal tournament last month. So I was looking forward to a somewhat competitive match (as competitive as you can expect from a non UBC/Utah match).

When I arrived De La Salle and Cathedral Catholic high schools were finishing up their match. It's quite the contrast to see the build of the high school players and the Cal players. Most Cal players are in the 180-220lb range. These high schoolers looked to be 140-160. I caught the tail end of the match, so I'm not sure who won. CC did manage to score two tries while I was there. There was a good turnout from the parents and families of the players. It had me wishing my high school district had rugby when I was growing up.

Soon enough we made our way up into the stands and got situated. Cal's reserves were on the field sizing up the Bruins. (Click each photo to view an embiggened version)

 photo DSC_0042-1_zps4fd45e87.jpg

There was a fantastic turnout by Cal supporters. Several former players were in attendance along with many, many Cal fans. We seemed to outnumber the UCLA fans 3:1 (and that's being generous to the UCLA fans).

 photo DSC_0044-1_zpsc0f3594b.jpg

Mrs. Bk97 took several pregame pictures and was delighted when the varsity players removed their practice shirts and put on their jerseys. She took several pictures of the spectacle, which I'll include for the benefit of the ladies who read CGB (and some of the men too).

 photo DSC_0047-1_zps727418ed.jpg

 photo DSC_0048-1_zps815847de.jpg

 photo DSC_0049-2_zpsf0404ad2.jpg

And finally, the pinnacle of masculinity, head coach Jack Clark.

 photo DSC_0051_zps4825ace7.jpg

The Bears huddle up prior to kickoff.

 photo DSC_0056-2_zps0c58f1ba.jpg

Here are the match's officials. The official in the pink shirt photobombed about 90% of my pictures.

 photo DSC_0058_zps5b1e7651.jpg

The Bears line up for the opening kickoff.

 photo DSC_0061-1_zps51f26a7a.jpg

And we're underway!

 photo DSC_0062-2_zps92824f79.jpg

The Bears battle UCLA in an early scrum.

 photo DSC_0063_zps15653b29.jpg

Unfortunately, an errant pass from Andre Coquillard was intercepted by UCLA's Race Noeldner who ran it in 55 meters for a try (the rugby equivalent of a touchdown, worth 5 points). Because Coquillard ran the ball in near the center of the field, UCLA's conversion attempt (basically a PAT, but worth 2 points) was at a manageable angle. As a result, UCLA took a surprising 7-0 early lead.

 photo DSC_0065-3_zps4bcdec4c.jpg

Cal scored minutes later. Unfortunately, this try was near the sideline, so the conversion was at a tough angle. Cal didn't convert and trailed 5-7.

 photo DSC_0070-1_zps8eb91f8f.jpg

I was impressed with UCLA's ability to maintain possession. They did not turn the ball over very often. Here the Bruins recover the ball following after it was dislodged when a UCLA player went down.

 photo DSC_0073_zps03180eb1.jpg

Cal breaks free for a long run.

 photo DSC_0075-1_zps834aee29.jpg

#5 of UCLA managed to catch up...

 photo DSC_0076-1_zpsf4e72e1f.jpg

..and made a spectacular play to jar the ball loose before the try. Unlike football, in rugby one scores a try by grounding the ball in the endzone. Although the Cal player reached the end zone, he did not ground the ball and Cal was not awarded any points.

 photo DSC_0077-1_zps3cced9b6.jpg

Cal maintained possession, however, and battled for a couple minutes before successfully scoring the try.

 photo DSC_0079-2_zps9ea08e6d.jpg

The try was scored towards the middle of the field, so the conversion attempt was at a much friendlier angle. Jake Anderson splits the uprights (the ball is just below the light in the picture).

 photo DSC_0081-1_zpsb2e14499.jpg

Whenever the ball goes out of bounds on the sideline, the last team that touched the ball is penalized with a line-out. Cal last touched the ball, so UCLA has been given possession and will attempt to throw the ball to one of the UCLA forwards. The Bruins must throw the ball down the middle between the two teams, however.

 photo DSC_0083-2_zps68232401.jpg

Teams usually lift a player to try to get him into contention for the ball. UCLA recovers the ball on this particular line-out.

 photo DSC_0084_zps84aacb95.jpg

Jack O'Beirne is off to the races as Coach Clark watches.

 photo DSC_0085-1_zps30e8aca4.jpg

A scrum takes place directly in front of Coach Clark.

 photo DSC_0088-1_zps07058230.jpg

 photo DSC_0092-1_zps9ad6f7a5.jpg

Eakalafi Okusi looks for a running lane.

 photo DSC_0097_zps5de84c38.jpg

 photo DSC_0099-1_zps5031dc43.jpg

If not for the photobombing pink-shirted official, you'd be able to appreciate fully that this Cal player is carrying three UCLA backs. What's most impressive about the Bears is that they have a fantastic combination of strength and speed. As we'll see in the second half during part two of this post, Cal's strength and conditioning gave the Bears a huge advantage.

 photo DSC_0100-2_zps7c709441.jpg

Grant Penney (9) of UCLA is only 5'4" but he played a big role on the Bruins' team.

 photo DSC_0111-2_zps2e937181.jpg

After a scrum Penney makes a long pass to teammate Sebastian Sharpe...

 photo DSC_0113-1_zps7b7a73ee.jpg

...who takes it in for a try. During the first half UCLA had success in spreading out the Cal backs and using their speed around the edge to sneak in for a try.

 photo DSC_0114-1_zps6ff0a6a7.jpg

The player closest to my sideline (#1) is Cal football linebacker J.P. Hurrell. You can tell he's a football player because he can really deliver a hit.

 photo DSC_0120-2_zps07d80234.jpg

UCLA will recover after this scrum...

 photo DSC_0137-1_zps0a5409fa.jpg

and once again bounce outside for another try. Fortunately UCLA scored the try near the sideline, which set up another tough conversion.

 photo DSC_0138-1_zpsdc1531b2.jpg

The tough conversion was way off the mark.

 photo DSC_0142-2_zps110b41f2.jpg

Nicklas Boyer looks to make a pass.

 photo DSC_0146-1_zps28cf773c.jpg

I'm not sure where this guys legs are. From the look on his face, I'm not sure he knows where they are either.

 photo DSC_0149-1_zps59ef250f.jpg

This UCLA player has nowhere to go.

 photo DSC_0153_zps68ed09b0.jpg

A scrum late in the first half took its toll on the Bears.

 photo DSC_0159_zps8c52eea7.jpg

Tanner Mohr went down during the scrum. He joined the football team as a fullback during spring practice in 2012.

 photo DSC_0160_zps97892746.jpg

Trainers tended to him for a while as the action on the field took a break. He was moving his arms and legs, so it didn't appear to be a limb injury.

 photo DSC_0166-1_zps82c010f8.jpg

They had to move him onto a table to bring him over to the Cal tent.

 photo DSC_0175_zpsb283ef69.jpg

An ambulance and some EMTs had to be called to take care of him. After several minutes he left in an ambulance. Hopefully his injury isn't too serious.

 photo DSC_0191_zpsdbe94311.jpg

Eventually the match resumed.

 photo DSC_0178-1_zps70168f94.jpg

And the Bears got back to scoring tries. Check out Pierre Courpon (UCLA #5) who had to hurdle the Cal player after he scored the try.

 photo DSC_0181_zps32fb38b6.jpg

A couple minutes later the half came to an end. It was a tough but exciting half. Although the Bears looked sloppy early in the half, they were dominating field position and time of possession. Cal led 33-17 at halftime. Would the Bruins continue to pose a stiff challenge in the second half? Find out when we post part two!