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Golden Nuggets: Cal Makes a Push for an NCAA Bid

The latest bracket predictions have Cal around a 12-seed, which means another one of those dreaded play-in games. Considering where this team was three weeks ago, a play-in sounds wonderful.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Winners of 5 of their past 6 (including two top-10 upsets), the Bears are movin' on up. It looks like it may no longer be too soon to start talking about potential NCAA tournament bids. Here's a roundup of the latest brackets.

Of course, the women's team is much better positioned to excel in this year's tourney:

  • This week's bracketology keeps the Bears as a 2-seed in the Oklahoma City region. Cal's toughest competition in that region is the top-seeded Bears of Baylor, led by Brittney Griner. Stanford is a 1-seed, which suggests that the Bears can claim a 1-seed if they defeat Stanford in the Pac-12 tourney. It happens and the Bears take the top seed in the Spokane region, they'll play the first weekend across the Bay at Maples.



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