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Golden Nuggets: An Endorsement of Jeff Tedford as USC's Next Offensive Coordinator

Lane Kiffin needs some help with the USC offense. Is Jeff Tedford the right man for the job? National Football Post thinks so.

Harry How

Dave Miller of National Football Post has an interesting suggestion for Lane Kiffin: hire Jeff Tedford as the new offensive coordinator. Kiffin recently dismissed offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu and may be reluctant to call plays after last season's disaster. Will Tedford entertain the idea of joining the Dark Side?

Kiffin was criticized throughout the season for his handling of the offense, and rightfully so. There was too much talent on the offensive side of the football for 'SC to finish with six losses. Simply put, it was inexcusable.

Despite the rough end to his long tenure in Berkeley, Tedford is an accomplished offensive mind who also happens to be a Los Angeles native. He also knows the Pac-12 inside and out, having been a longtime head coach in the league. Additionally, he has a history with Kiffin, as the 'SC head coach was a reserve quarterback at Fresno State when Tedford was the Bulldogs' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Kiffin even relinquished his fifth season of playing eligibility to become a student assistant under Tedford at the age of 22.

Tedford was one of Kiffin's mentors. And never before has a student needed extra guidance.

Simply put, a Kiffin-Tedford reunion could be the jolt the 'SC offense needs, especially with youth under center now that Barkley is moving onto the NFL. Tedford's veteran presence could be invaluable to Wittek, Max Browne and the other QBs on the roster.

Ceding play-calling duties to someone else could also free up Kiffin to do what a head coach is supposed to do: be more of an executive who oversees the entire operation.

It seems like a good idea for Kiffin to worry a little less about handling the quarterback position and the star wide receivers while paying more attention to the team as a whole. Because while athletic director Pat Haden continues to back his head coach, 2013 is unquestionably stacking up to be a crucial year for Kiffin's future in L.A.

It certainly would be interesting to see Tedford and Pendergast leading another team, but I would rather not have to root against Coach Tedford.

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