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Tedford Breaks His Silence

For the first time since being fired in November, ex-Cal coach Jeff Tedford speaks to the media.


In an exclusive interview with Jeff Faraudo earlier today, the former California head coach revealed the process behind his firing, and a few more details about what he's been up to since being let go.

When several days passed before his firing became official, many feared that athletic director Sandy Barbour was actually deliberating on whether or not to keep him. Not so:

"Her decision had been made and there wasn't really anything I could say," Tedford said.

Barbour met with Cal's administration afterward, held a conference call with Tedford and chancellor Robert Birgeneau a day later and gave him her decision.

"It was very cut and dried. No explanations," he said. "After it was all said and done, I think their minds were made up a couple weeks before."

Tedford said he doesn't believe Barbour made the decision on her own. "I think the chancellor had a lot to say about it," he said.

There's some other good tidbits and thoughts in the link up top, but the gist of it is - Tedford is not bitter about being let go, and still seems to value his time here at Cal quite highly. He has sold his Danville home and relocated to Reno, but plans to resume coaching some time next season. All the best to you, Coach T.