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No more White Helmets??? Could it be true?

Early inklings that changes are afoot! Do you dare to dream?

Thearon W. Henderson

We just ran across this tweet here:

It is so vague. What does it mean? Already taken care of? Does that mean that the white helmets are gone? But wait, there's more to this conversation! I don't know how to embed entire conversations, but I can screenshot like a champion! I was named most likely to screenshot in high school.


So, if I am reading this correctly (and I was also named most likely to not read things correctly), there are some facts that exist that I shall now list:

1. We have new jerseys.

2. They will be revealed this spring.

3. Sandy B (presumably Sandy Barbour, not house music singer Sandra Barber) is involved.

4. The new uniforms do not have black as a color.

5. Those white helmets are gone.

No black helmets, no white helmets, Spy v. Spy is clearly losing its influence. What do all y'all think about this? I never quite liked the white helmets all that much. The only place that I liked them was if we did the Stormtrooper look. Otherwise, I thought that it made no sense hierarchically to have white at the top. It seemed like a pants color. I don't even really like it when we have white jerseys with a color pant, to be honest with you. Maybe I have odd concepts of color schemes.

Anyway, if we hear more about this, we'll send word along. You can trust CGB for ALL your sartorial needs! GO BEARS!