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VIDEO: Sonny Dykes Talks Cal Football

Sonny Dykes talks about what the first few weeks of being the California Golden Bears football head coach have been like!

You can tell Coach Sonny Dykes has been busy. He's had a lot of work to do on the recruiting trail, introducing himself to the players, getting them ready for the new system, hiring all the assistants that are in the right spots to execute his offensive vision, and pretty much everything else.

But that doesn't stop him from hitting the media junket ad nauseum since being hired, and he's been happy to talk all things Bears. He's conducted numerous interviews and has been pretty open with the public since getting the job. Here Dykes touches on numerous subjects, like what he's enjoyed about Cal the most, what fans can expect, what season ticket holders can be, what type of football we can expect to see on the field, and so on and so forth.

Dykes even talks Top Dog, if that's really the information that matters the most to you. Check out the full interview!