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Golden Nuggets: Sonny Dykes on the Future of Cal Recruiting, NCAA's Elimination of Contact Restrictions

Coach Dykes says college football needs "more common sense brought back to recruiting," expresses concern about the NCAA's forthcoming recruiting deregulations.


Sonny Dykes recently talked to Fox Sports Arizona about recruiting. While we've heard him talk plenty about his recruiting strategy for Cal, he spoke about a new topic: current and future recruiting practices. Go here to listen to the full interview.

"I think recruiting in general has gotten out of hand," Dykes said. "I think sometimes, as coaches, we've got to be really careful of the message we're sending these kids. Some of the stuff with the announcements and television and all that, it's kind of gotten out of whack a little bit. There's got to be a little bit more common sense brought back to recruiting. It's kind of taken on a life of its own.

"People are benefitting financially from recruiting - the recruiting services - covering it and the televising of Signing Day and all-star games. It's different than it was, but at the same time, it's interesting. I grew up following recruiting and being really passionate about following it when I was younger. I can see why it appeals to people, because it's interesting and there's high-drama. But it has, probably gotten a little out of hand."

Coach Dykes expressed skepticism that the new recruiting rules, which eliminate most restrictions and limitations on contact between programs and recruits, will be beneficial for high school kids.

"From a big picture standpoint, I think it sounds good. I just don't know, in practice, what a good move that's going to be," Dykes said. "The recruiting stuff is already crazy as it is right now and when you start lifting a bunch of restrictions, I think it does nothing but make it even crazier. I haven't read the details of the legislation and I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of it. I know it goes into effect in August. I know the recruiting calendar has changed, I know we're going to have contact with seniors.

"We need to be careful, because these kids have got to have a life. I know July is going be a contact period. When are these players supposed to vacation with their families and enjoy their summers? When recruiting becomes a year-round thing for kids, I don't necessarily think that's a positive. They're 17 and 18 years old. They need to enjoy their summers without having a bunch of football coaches banging their door down all summer.

I like Coach Dykes' cut of the jib. Is it really necessary to lift these restrictions?



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