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BCS Bowl Selection Show Open Thread

The BCS bowl selections are announced tonight. After last night's events in college football, the BCS bowl berths are basically a foregone conclusion. But how will the other bowls shake down?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

BCS Selection Show

5:30 pm PT, ESPN

Championship Saturday in college football was quite a day. During a week in which proponents of Southeastern Conference superiority championed the cause of Auburn being in the BCS National Championship Game even if Ohio State won the Big Ten Championship Game, the argument became essentially moot when Michigan State upset Ohio State 34-24 on Saturday night. With Michigan State's victory, it becomes a virtual certainty that ACC Champion Florida State (45-7 winners over Duke in the ACC Championship Game) will play SEC Champion Auburn (59-42 victors over Missouri in the SEC Championship Game) in the final national championship game of the BCS era.

One matchup is for sure: we know that Michigan State will take on Pac-12 champion Stanford (which drilled Arizona State 38-14 in Saturday's Pac-12 Championship Game) in the Rose Bowl.

Once the BCS bowls are set, the other bowls will fall into place. Here is a projection of who goes where.

Watching the BCS Selection Show? Share your thoughts here in the comments. This is your open thread.