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Coming to an end: Episode 13 of The Drive

Here we go--onto the final two episodes of The Drive!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With Cal's season officially over, we have two more episodes of The Drive to focus on the off-the-field actions of the team as Sonny Dykes and his crew try to get Cal back to winning ways.

Tonight we'll catch a glimpse of the musical aspect of the Golden Bears, including Jackson Bouza and James Grisom. And the end of the year/our "bye week" is a great time to see the doctor. The team consults a sports psychologist (who can't help but laugh in disbelief when he hears about the number of starters we lost to injury) to help turn things around.

But back to that music--did you know Sonny Dykes had a favorite song when he was showing off his moves on the skating rink back in the day? Sorry Mrs Dykes, but back then he was all "hey girls heyyyyyy."

So, tune in at 7 p.m. PT to the Pac-12 Networks and discuss the episode in this viewing thread!