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Jeff Tedford an NFL offensive coordinator? Tosh Lupoi to oblivion, Bob Gregory to UW

Does the master get the last laugh?


A decade after receiving his first interest from the NFL, it appears Jeff Tedford is finally finding his way to a place where he might thrive. Lovie Smith will probably be coaching next year in the league, and he wants Tedford to come along as his offensive coordinator.

Smith appears to be a serious coaching candidate at numerous NFL locations (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the current flavor of the hour), and he has struggled with offense in the past. It figures he would bring with him an offensive coordinator familiar with the flavor of pro-style offenses.

(For those who aren't familiar with the connection between Lovie Smith and Jeff Tedford, Smith was one of those who aided in the 2001-02 coaching search that led to the hiring of Tedford at Cal.)

In bad news for old Cal coaches, Tosh Lupoi seems to have come to the point of no return. After being implicated in recent recruiting violations, Chris Petersen has announced his new staff and Lupoi will not be part of it.

With this demotion, it appears Lupoi is either done as a football recruiting force or will need to get a fresh start somewhere else. USC doesn't want him, Washington doesn't want him and Cal sure doesn't want him. I imagine that the word has gotten around the conference on his recruiting tactics. He might need a fresh start somewhere that is more accepting of his peddling.

Also, why did Washington keep Lupoi instead of just releasing him outright? Well...

And hey! Our old buddy Bob Gregory is back in the Pac-12! He joins Washington as linebackers coach.