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Merry Christmas Golden Bears!

As a Cal fan, what do you want for Christmas?

via Cal Football Twitter

Vlad Belo: I want Jared Goff to gain about 20 pounds.

Leland Wong: A good, competitive team that succeeds on the field and in the classroom with character guys who represent the university well. The ability to attend more games in 2014 and walk onto Kabam Field at least once.

TwistNHook: A healthy defense! If we had that, I think the season is different. Not Rose Bowl different, but 4-6 wins different! I realize that asking for health in the physically macabre sport of football is too much, but it's XMas and I'm a Jew, so I'm bad at these things, ok?????

Ruey Yen: Some anonymous (or not so anonymous) donor(s) give enough money to our dear Alma Mater to solve all the financial problems both with the Athletics but also on the Academic side.

Nam Le: Vouchers for a commitment from Joe Mixon, Marcus Griffin and Tee Shepard, in that order.

Also, a voucher redeemable for the procedure from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so I can forget this season. Also, a voucher that is good for a bowl berth in 2014.

...What? I'm perfectly happy with coupons.

LeonPowe: What I'd really like are a Rose Bowl and a National Championship Run. Failing that, being competitive and going to a minor bowl game, and a run to the Elite Eight would be mighty fine.

Berkelium97: A new defensive coordinator.

Sam Fielder: A whole slew of top football recruits to commit to Cal, the basketball team to get healthy and peak in March getting both a P12 championship and a deep run in the tourney, and for Gennifer Brandon to be able to work out the issues she's dealing with and get back to the WBB team so that they can replicate some of last years magic. And a Cal Soccer Jersey. Seriously. Does anyone know where I can buy one of those things?

JahvidKnowsBest: Joe Mixon. And more high caliber defensive recruits. And Jack Clark to verbally say he's interested in the AD position in the future. And for the field not to be named Kabam. Name it after a famous alumni, or even your own name (founders of Kabam), but not Kabam itself.

Charley Lu: More Lindsay Brauner stories and CalBear81 history lessons of course. Go Bears!