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Cal Defensive Back Kam Jackson To Declare for NFL Draft

Good luck to Kam! This is not going to help the defense for next year

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The refrain all year long was that the growing pains and injuries would pay off in future depth and experience.  That vision took a bit of a hit today as Cal Defensive Back Kam Jackson declared for the NFL draft:

Good luck to Kam!  I hope he has a great career in the NFL.  This is only going to make Sonny Dykes's job harder for next year, though.  Good luck to him, too.

Jackson's departure means Cal is down to Stefan McClure, Adrian Lee, Cedric Dozier, Joel Willis, and Isaac Lapite. Also available will be lots of young players like Darius Allensworth and Trey Cheek (who have also had their own set of injuries to deal with there). One possible replacement is Cameron Walker, but that depends on the health of the rest of the secondary. This probably isn't the news this depleted group wanted to hear, and it could be more tough goings for the defensive backs in 2013.

What is your thought on this??  Smart decision on Jackson's part or too soon?  GO BEARS!