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Golden Nuggets: Tony Gonzalez, the greatest tight end in the history of ever

Taking a look at the greatest tight end in all of ever--Tony Gonzalez--as his 16-year career comes to an end.

Chris Graythen

Cal has contributed a number of talents to the NFL who were considered among the top at that position, like QB Aaron Rodgers, CB, Nnamdi Asomugha, and RB Marshawn Lynch.

Tony Gonzalez decided to go ahead and be the best ever at that position while revolutionizing its role in any offense.

All Gonzalez did was build the greatest career by a tight end in football history. Gonzalez's numbers defy belief. On Sunday he became the fifth player in NFL history to total 15,000 receiving yards. Shannon Sharpe is second among tight ends with 10,060. Gonzalez has been to the Pro Bowl 13 times. Just five players have more receiving touchdowns than his 110. Only Jerry Rice has caught more passes.

Gonzalez's accomplishments were made possible by a durability, a consistency, and a sustainability never before seen from a player at his position. But his greatest contribution to football may be that his legacy is so much more than a compilation of surreal statistics. Next Sunday will be the end of Gonzalez's 17th - and final - season, and in that decade and a half, he's managed to redefine everything we expect from an NFL tight end.

While the end of Gonzalez's career may be associated with his Super Bowl dreams being stolen away by Horrible Jim Harbaugh and this year's Super Bowl push by his old team, the Kansas City Chiefs, there's no denying the fantastic career Gonzalez has had and the tight-end revolution he catalyzed.


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