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Open Thread for Cal Swimming at AT&T Winter Nationals

Watch Missy Franklin, Natalie Coughlin, Nathan Adrian, etc. from the comfort of your coach!

Missy Franklin and most of your favorite Cal swimmers are on TV today
Missy Franklin and most of your favorite Cal swimmers are on TV today
Jamie Squire


Time: 2-3 PM PT

I already wrote about the outcome of the Winter Nationals (click for the full results and Cal's NCAA outlook for both the men and women if you missed it the first time) from a few weeks ago, and you can even find the races online. Still, if you would like the NBC treatment (hopefully with plenty of behind the scene and feel good stuff on the Golden Bears), tune in this afternoon to see the past and current Golden Bears do their stuff in the pool.

On the feel good side of things, read what a University of Tennessee head coach (they hosted the Winter Nationals this year) said about Cal's Missy Franklin and Liz Pelton here (SwimSwam).

Here is the excerpt (or rather the relevant parts concerning the Cal swimmers):

The night progressed as normal and we had a fast session. This is where I began to grow more impressed with the maturity and care of some of our young swimmers. At the end of the night, one of my assistants texted me saying that Missy had Signed all of her medals and asked us to give them to the young basket carriers. Missy, without any solicitation from a coach or parent, had asked one of the volunteers for a sharpie, signed the medals and gave them to my assistant.

As if this was enough, the next night Elizabeth Pelton and Missy Franklin would come back from their finals races, sign the medals and hang them on the necks of the basket carriers. Pelton would even sit and engage the kids between race. Watching this happen race after race, I was awestruck by the two young women. It is their perrogative to do what they want with the medals,and to give them away without being asked or any solicitation was unbelievable.

It was heightened at the end of the meet. I went to thank both of the young ladies after two nights of making sure the kids nights were special at THEIR midseason meet. Both were very humble about it and Pelton showed some strong emotion about this being what the sport is about.
I realize this is the time of year when we are highlighting fast swimming, however, I wanted to write someone and express what I saw out of some high profile swimming community members during THEIR national championship. We often times, reinforce the idea of times and forget the actions of our community but a big impact was made.

So talk about your favorite part of the broadcast here.


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