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Will Sonny Dykes approve Zach Kline to Oregon State & Freddie Tagaloa to Arizona?


Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

So it remains to be seen what exactly is going on with Zach Kline. He might be headed to the Oregon State Beavers, but there's going to have to be some arrangement with his former head coach Sonny Dykes, according to Jeff Faraudo.

So if Kline goes to Oregon State and Dykes doesn't approve the transfer, he will have to sit out two years instead of one.

Freddie Tagaloa has also announced his intention to transfer. The future destination he picked? Another Pac-12 rival in Arizona (where his former assistant coach Jim Michalczik now coaches)! It seems like Dykes has set some new ground rules in effect. I'm not sure I totally agree with being so strict with transfer rules in-conference (two years is a long time), particularly when you set an earlier precedent with Wilkerson.

So what exactly should happen here? Should Kline and Tagaloa be allowed to transfer in-conference within one year? Or are you on Dykes's side and should they have to wait an extra year to play in the Pac-12?

UPDATE: As mentioned by several CGB members, it is likely Kline and Tagaloa will sidestep Dykes's approval by going to a JC for a year and then head to whatever school they please unencumbered. For more on Pac-12 transfer rules, click here.

Cal offseasons are just so much more fun to cover than regular seasons, aren't they?