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Mack Brown steps down at Texas

The Bears will be facing a new head coach in Austin in 2015.

Ronald Martinez

Cal will not get a second chance at revenge against The Mayor. Mack Brown is done at Texas.

According to a report from the Longhorn Network and then verified by ESPN's Brett McMurphy, Mack Brown has begun telling recruits and players alike that that he will resign but coach the Longhorn's bowl game.

A search for his successor is expected to begin immediately.

Brown will be remembered as one of the greatest college football coaches in the great state of Texas that guy who lucked into one of the five greatest college football players ever in Vince Young, another solid signal-caller in Colt McCoy, and whiffed on just about everyone else.

In 16 years and with tons of talent flowing from the Longhorn State, Brown won two conference titles at Texas. TWO! He had to do some serious politicking to get Texas into one BCS bowl (you might be familiar with it), nearly flubbed away a title shot with some shoddy game management, and generally saw his team play to the level of their competition in his twilight years at Austin. He beat us in one of the worst bowl games you'll ever see, and he beat us in sliminess and political campaigning, so I guess he was the quintessential college football coach.

Now Texas gets a new start, which I'm sure is just what Sonny Dykes wants to see in 2015. Texas will reamp their Nick Saban campaign I'm sure, then go after a host of candidates which I'm sure will include Art Briles, Gus Malzahn, David Shaw (HA), Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, and whoever else they can outbid, which will probably be anyone. Should be fun to see which big name they come up with.

Which coach do you think Texas will hire? Which coach would give you nightmares and which coach would you be worried about most?