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Mack Brown reportedly staying at Texas, Nick Saban staying at Alabama

Maybe we'll get a shot at revenge with the Mayor after all. Plus avoiding the Dark Lord seems nice.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The situation of who becomes Texas Longhorns head coach is a bit of a pressing one for Cal fans. The Bears are only two years away from their trip to Austin (and three years from the return meeting in Berkeley) and it's a big deal who the next coach will be.

It apparently will be... Mack Brown. At least next year!

Even if this news isn't correct, it looks like Nick Saban will not be the one to take his place.

Phew. If beating Urban Meyer was a tall task, I can't even imagine how Saban would transform that defensive talent in two years time.

So either Cal will be playing a resurgent (or barely treading water, take your pick) Brown in 2015, or whomever the newest hot name in college football can be. And he'll be coming in fresh. The impact of that game (barring a dramatic turnaround next season) figures to have huge ramifications on the Sonny Dykes era, and I already have it circled as the one to watch to judge how far we can go with this coaching staff.

Cal fans, thoughts on the Brown and Saban news?