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Tosh Lupoi recruiting, Groundhog Day edition

Lupoi seems to be torn between staying at Washington or going to USC, and he's quite happily leaking that information to recruits. Does that sound familiar?

Tosh Lupoi
Tosh Lupoi
Cal Bears Online

Stop me if you've heard this one. A prominent coach for your school is getting courted by a conference rival. Said recruiter hears multiple offers. The recruiter turns down the initial offers, then gives his word that he's back for good. The rival then comes back with the gold package offer, and out the door he goes in bizarre fashion. Whatever, it's business, and even if it's a bit dishonorable, you understand that sometimes you've gotta take the money and try and get a leg up in the world.

But BEFORE he leaves said school and AFTER he gets the second offer and AFTER he says he's staying firm, he hits the recruiting trail. He tells a prized commit that he's considering taking another job while still on the clock for YOUR SCHOOL. He then immediately starts recruiting that commit to his second school the moment he takes the new job.

Welp. It's time for six more weeks of winter (recruiting)!

Diablo Valley College (Calif.) defensive end Tui Talia committed to Oregon back in June. It was an even sweeter commitment for Oregon fans as he was previously committed to Washington.

The 6-foot-5, 280-pound prep has continued to hear from current Washington assistant Tosh Lupoi, who recruited him for the Huskies initially. However, the assistant wasn't recruiting him to Seattle.

"I guess USC has kept trying to contact me," Talia said. "They have been talking to my coach but I haven't talked to them. He was saying he talked to coach Lupoi but he was talking about him going to USC and he wants me there."

Two things seem to be happening here.

1) Hamlet Lupoi is doing his same bit (stay at Washington or chart down to Heritage Hall?) that he did in his final hours in Berkeley: Get unethical to get an advantage on all potential opportunities for him. Not particularly bright, but Lupoi has his issues with bright moments these days.

2) This time though, it appears Lupoi isn't even waiting to say farewell before running into action. The recruit in question had formerly been committed to Washington but apparently prefers Oregon. If Lupoi can head on over to USC and plant the seeds that he would be leading him as a Trojan, he might convince him to change course again and do an analysis of whether the recruit would choose between Oregon or USC rather than between Oregon or Washington (and if he stays at UW, no big dealio).

It's nice to see that the man can wake up and do the exact same thing he did two winters ago. Lord knows I don't want our fanbase to be the only one to catch the full Tosh Lupoi recruiting experience.

PS: At least he's denying it this time. HE LEARNED THE ART OF THE DENIAL!