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Golden Nuggets: Logistical problem with weeknight game at Levi's Stadium?

This never would have happened if logistics-expert Chip Kelly were still coaching the Ducks.

With the 2014 football season right around the corner, logistical problems for the night game of Cal vs. Oregon at Levi's Stadium are starting to pop up.

A lack of game-night parking has the 49ers putting the brakes on high-profile "Monday Night Football" games at their new, billion-dollar stadium in Santa Clara.

The Niners have always counted on neighboring businesses and other outfits to provide 21,000 parking spaces on game days for fans at Levi's Stadium.

That will work fine on Sundays, when no one's toiling away at those businesses. It will be a different story, however, if 68,500 fans converge for a 5:30 p.m. kickoff and all those lots are full of employees' cars.


Santa Clara officials tell us the hope is that many Cal students will take buses that the university is providing to the Oct. 24 game at Levi's Stadium, easing the demand for parking.

Besides that, it's been a quiet couple of days for Cal Athletics.



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