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Zach Kline and Freddie Tagaloa to transfer; more could be coming

And so the mass offseason exodus begins.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Take this one out of the long rumored, but now reportedly official pile, as Zach Kline is no longer a Cal Bear, per Jeff Faraudo at the Bay Area News Group.

"It's for sure," said Kline, a redshirt freshman from Danville.

With Jared Goff likely entrenched as the long-term starter, Kline thought it best to seek playing time elsewhere. No word as of yet on where he is going, because he hasn't finished filing the paperwork, and cannot be contacted by teams yet as a result.

Faraudo also reached out to Cal Football for comment, but the program has not yet confirmed Kline's departure.

EDIT: It's now official.

The more worrisome part of this is that more names could be coming. Stay tuned.

We wish Zach, Freddie and whomever else decides to leave the best of luck.