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Golden Nuggets: WBB uses Thanksgiving to bond and help others before winning the Nugget Classic

The Golden Bears illustrate the importance of sharing and generosity this Thanksgiving.


Ah, Thanksgiving. The day where we tell people "thanks" for everything they've given us. How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

The women's basketball team continued to prove why they are so outstanding on and off the court. With appeal that, uh... is so appealing, the team has attracted a number of players beyond the Bay Area, including international students. Mikayla Lyles, a product of the Bay, wrote a piece for ESPN about her family's celebration, which has generously expanded to welcome all of her teammates.

Never in a million years would I have pictured my last four Thanksgivings to be spent with different people, in different places and enjoying different meals. As a student-athlete you don't always know where you are going to end up for Thanksgiving; sometimes it's at a tournament, sometimes a single game, or sometimes even a road trip!

It's like holiday roulette; you don't know what you are going to get. Whereas most undergrads continue their traditions by going home every year, we have the unique and embraceable opportunity to create new traditions.


Regardless of where we have ended up on Thanksgiving Day, my mom always has made it a point to provide me and my team a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal before we hit the road. I am a local kid, so home for me is only about 30 minutes away. For someone like my teammate Avigiel Cohen, who is from Israel, this became her new tradition.

Yes, Lyles is discussing her last undergrad Thanksgiving, which just reminds me of how horridly old I am.

This year, the team was in Reno for the Nugget Classic, so they spent their Thanksgiving at the Renown Children's Hospital. There are a few pictures here and a quick interview with Lyles, who also gets photo videobombed by another Golden Bear.

Cal's time in Reno would be well-spent as the Bears would win the Nugget Classic with Brittany Boyd and Reshanda Gray picking up individual honors.

Men's Water Polo

Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball



  • Cal commit QB Luke Rubenzer set a career record for the state of Arizona

Week Cal's rank
Preseason 88
1 65
2 74
3 79
4 76
5 81
6 77
7 86
8 92
9 93
10 100
11 95
13 102
14 100