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Golden Nuggets: Cal releases statement on fight incident; update on Hale's condition

The internets is starving for details on the story.

Ezra Shaw

Update: RB Fabiano Hale's status following the confrontation in the locker room has been released by the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Cal football player Fabiano Hale was at home Monday and recovering from a concussion sustained in a post-practice altercation with a teammate Friday that sent the freshman walk-on to the hospital.

"I have a headache still," said Hale, a record-setting running back at Soquel High last season. "I feel like crap."

Hale, who doesn't remember being taken to the hospital, also received stitches on his ear.


"I don't know what my emotions are," said Hale, who is 6 feet, 215 pounds. "I'm focusing on getting better and getting my head right so I can focus on school."

Hale spoke with Cal coaches Tuesday afternoon and said he plans to rejoin the team Monday.

We wish Fabiano the best and a speedy recovery.

Original: As we all anticipated, the best way of delivering information in the 21st century is a tweet with a picture of a printed statement.

Beyond this, Cal has mostly been quiet on the subject:


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