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Cal men's basketball exhibition roundup

Cal had their way against Humboldt State. What things can they improve upon before their season opener this week?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What impressed you and worried you the most in Cal's exhibition win? (For those who didn't see it, here's the mini-recap.)

Sam Fielder: I was impressed by Cal's ability to score the ball (obviously against inferior opponents) but even in this admittedly small and weak sample size it looks that while we'll miss Allen Crabbe's points, it might not be as drastic as one would think.

I think that the thing that worries me the most is the inside play of the bigs. Solo and Kravish are both solid players, but neither of them are a force inside nor a disrupting defensive presence.

Vincent S: I was impressed by the ability of the freshman to integrate themselves into the flow of the game. Although I could see the jitters early, I also could see the potential shine through (especially from Jabari and Jordan!). I also liked seeing Solomon go back-to-the-basket against the Humbolt St. interior defenders. Wish some of those shots would have gone in.

Nick Kranz: I don't think anything really impressed me much, but don't take that to be an insult. It's just that I have really high expectations for this team, and what happened was pretty much what I would expect to happen against a lesser team. Justin Cobbs looked like the best player on the court. Solomon and Kravish bossed things down low. Wallace's offensive game looked more polished. Jabari looked crazy athletic. Jordan Matthews got buckets.

I wasn't impressed OR worried. This team is good.

Ruey Yen: It's not prudent to read too much into an exhibition game. From the bits and pieces of the game that I saw, the biggest news is how the rotation may be a lot deeper this year. Monty is willing to give the freshmen some PT, and it looks to be a fun year watching these guys grow over the season.

LeonPowe: I'm not sure we can take too much away from a non-competitive game. Giving up open threes is bad but the rotation that was in was never going to see time on the floor in that configuration unless we're in a blow-out, so worrying about that defensive alignment seems silly. Impressed? Well, since I'm driving the #jordanmatthewsgetsbuckets train, I'm glad to have been proven right for one game. I think Rooks will play himself into the rotation, but not be a huge contributor, but minutes as a freshmen will pay off down the line. Cobbs is going to be an All Conference Player and candidate for Pac-12 POY.