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Cal Men's Soccer vs. UCLA Open Thread

It's 1 vs. 3 again in Men's Soccer at Edwards Stadium. An early season match with then number 3 Washington resulted in a draw. Can the Bears win this key conference match against UCLA with national implications in the last home match of the regular season? GO BEARS!

The No.1 Cal Men's Soccer are used to defending the top ranking this season.
The No.1 Cal Men's Soccer are used to defending the top ranking this season.
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No.1 Cal 10-1-2 (4-0-1 in the Pac-12) vs. No.3 UCLA Bruins 9-3-4 (4-1-3)

When: at 1 p.m. PT

TV: Pac-12 Networks

It's time for another major soccer match with great Pac-12 and national attention. Can the Bears repeat their performance down in LA at home and beat UCLA again? In a thriller down in LA earlier, Stafano Bonomo scored the Golden Goal for the Golden Bears few minutes into OT. Relive that moment below:

The Pac-12 Conference standings is kind of weird right now, mostly due to the fact that Cal has played two less conference matches then Washington and UCLA. Nevertheless, the Bears with only one slight blemish (a draw with Washington) control their destiny in winning the conference title. Both Washington and UCLA have suffered a loss (UCLA has beat Washington, Cal have already beaten UCLA down in LA) as well as at least one extra draw.

Although this is the last home match on the schedule, the Bears with their best in the nation rankings are obviously in good position to host a bunch of home matches in the NCAA tournament. In fact, should they hold on to that ranking, they can host all matches up until the Men's College Park (the NCAA Men's Soccer Final Four), which will take place in Philadelphia.

Assuming that the Bears will get a first round bye (without it, all the talks of home field are moot anyhow), the Bears will play all of their NCAA tournament home matches on Sundays. For those Cal fans who have missed out on going to a major Cal sporting events on Saturdays with strong hopes for victories, Sundays can be the new Saturdays.

On Friday night, the Bears took care of business against the visiting conference foes in San Diego State. After a surprising 1-0 loss at home to San Diego last week, the Bears jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead on Friday, only have to sweat things out after allowing two quick goals in the 80+ minutes. UCLA are coming off a 2-1 win over Stanfurd.