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Golden Nuggets: Eleven Bears earn All-Academic honors in the Pac-12

Let's remember the importance of academics success at the University of California by highlighting the Golden Bears on this year's All-Academic team!

While Coach Sonny Dykes has struggled for evidence of improvement on the field, he's shows success in improving performance in the classroom. Cal has 11 players on the All-Academic Pac-12 team, including a pair of two-time first-teamers, OL Chris Adcock and OL Mark Brazinski. Guess it's true that the O-line is the smartest position on the field?

Brazinski posted a 3.58 undergraduate GPA while earning two bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Media Studies at Cal in May of 2012. He has been pursuing a master's degree in Information Management Systems since August of 2012 and also has a 3.58 graduate school GPA. Adcock is a business administration major with a 3.54 cumulative GPA.

Congrats to all eleven Bears for getting it done in the classroom at the number-one public university in the world. Go Bears!


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