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Let's watch episode twelve of The Drive!

Prepare yourself for Thanksgiving by watching The Drive! How? Don't ask me. Just do it.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve is more than just a decade-long story arc in the X-Men universe (yes, I went there), but it's also the episode number for The Drive tonight! So keep your optical orbs glued to the Pac-12 Networks at 7 p.m. 9 p.m. PT tonight and discuss tonight's action-packed episode in the comments!

I know it'll be tough for those of us who bleed blue and gold to relive the big loss in the Big Game, but there are some great moments in tonight's episode. We'll see Coach Dykes chat with WR Chris Harper about the importance of leadership--which Dykes thinks has been lacking this year.

And it wouldn't be the Big Game without the Big Game traditions. There's a trip back to 1982, which Coach Dykes uses to illustrate the importance of never giving up. He tells the team to fight no matter what happens, even if we're down 48; but we'll never be down by 48 points, right, Coach? We also get snippets of the Big Game Bonfire and a (vocal) cameo by legendary Mic Man and CGB Hall of Famer, Ken Montgomery.

And in the locker room before the game, Goff chats to one of his receivers about some of their plays that day--which results in a very successful play and high praise from Dykes about Goff's decision-making. For any fans who questioned Goff's leadership, you'll have plenty of footage so you can evaluate it yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving and go Bears!