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Cal to play Oregon in 2014 at Levi's Stadium

At least it's not the Big Game, right?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, the rumors were that the 2014 Big Game would be moved to Levi's Stadium, and while those rumors were ultimately shot down by Sandy Barbour and Cal Athletics, one game next season will be played at the Niners' new home.

Cal will be playing Oregon at Levi's on Friday, October 24th, 2014, the first college football game to be played at those shiny new digs. The incentive, according to a press release?

The unique characteristics of playing the Cal-Oregon game at Levi's® Stadium are expected to produce as much as a seven-figure dollar increase in incremental net revenue for the athletic department relative to a home game.

It will be televised on FOX or ESPN, with a time to be announced later.

EDIT: This game will not be a part of the season ticket package. [Thanks for the catch, AndyHogan14!]

Cal season-ticket holders will have the opportunity to opt-in to purchase seats to the Cal-Oregon game in addition to the six-game Memorial Stadium package.

Full season-ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets to the Cal-Oregon game at a special discounted rate, and ESPmembers will receive complimentary tickets and parking equivalent to their normal allocation. Cal students will have access to tickets at a significant discount and complimentary transportation to the game. Specific inventory has been reserved for Levi's® Stadium Builders License (SBL) holders who, along with suite holders, will have access to tickets prior to the general public for this event.

EDIT 2: Ticket prices for said game are here.

One question, of course, is how they plan on transporting students to Levi's, and whether or not they'll even show. Your thoughts? Yay? Nay? Planning to attend? Not planning to attend?